“In 2017 I had major issues with my top set of teeth. They were in need of replacement. I started to look at the possibility of getting implants to replace my teeth. I looked for quotes in Ireland and was quoted in the region of 20,000. I then started to look at other options as I could not afford this. I started to look at dental treatment centres in Hungary as I had heard about the quality and value of treatment in Budapest. There were also a number of dental clinics from Budapest advertising in Ireland at the time. I visited the Irish representatives of these clinics and got quotations. Following this, I researched dental clinics in Budapest using the web and this is where I came across the website of Budapest Top Dental team, which is I mailed this site and looked for a quotation. They requested a panoramic image of my teeth which I forwarded to them. They gave me a quotation which was €1,500 less than any other quote I had received and costing about one third (6,700) of what I would pay in Ireland.  Then I made an appointment to visit Budapest in March 2017 for my first treatment. Budapest Top Dental team really looked after me. They arranged accommodation for myself and my wife. We were picked up at the airport and taken to our apartment. 

“On my first visit I had nine teeth extracted and temporary teeth fitted. We were left back at the airport for my return flight.  Some three months later I had six implants fitted on my second visit again I had my accommodation arranged for me and I was collected from and returned to the airport after my treatment.  In November 2017 I had my final treatment when I had my crowns fitted. Again, transport and accommodation were arranged for me.

“Throughout my time in Budapest receiving treatment, I can only say that the standard of the treatment given was exceptionally good. Everybody was so professional from the dentists to the care we received from when we arrived at the airport until we left Budapest. The best part of it all is that because Hungary is a member of the EU I was able to claim back 20% of the expenditure on my tax. 

“I returned to Budapest for an annual check-up last November and again had accommodation and transport arranged for me.

“All in all, it was a very positive experience.”

Michael McGill – an Irish patient of


Hungary is the number one destination of dental tourists in Europe because 42% of patients seeking dental care abroad come to Budapest for treatment. Looking at numbers worldwide, Hungary is the 2nd most preferred dental destination as 16% of patients fly to Budapest.

Dental treatment prices in Hungary are 40-70% lower than of those in the UK, Ireland and other Western European countries or even US or Canada.

Lots of people are aware of the fact that a large amount of money can be saved on care in Budapest, and probably you also know someone who was there for dental treatment. Still, people are reluctant to make a quick go-ahead decision about their own care in Budapest, which is totally understandable. You do not know the dentist or oral surgeon who would carry out your treatment, you do not know the clinic and last but not least, a full mouth restoration can be a little investment into your health even in Hungary and people want to make an informed decision.

In response to needs, Budapest Top Dental provides a free dental consultation package in Budapest to would-be patients that are integrated with additional services apart from the preparation of treatment plans.

The free, no-obligation consultation package includes:

– preparation of a digital panoramic x-ray

– medical examination by the specialist of your dental needs

– preparation of one or more treatment plans and quotations

– free hotel-airport transport service upon arrival and departure

– one night of free accommodation at a partner hotel

– flight ticket refund  (It is provided up to the value of 180EUR/140GBP in case the total value of treatment cost is over 4,000EUR/3,500GBP and treatment begins right after consultation)

As a result of the consultation, patients get a detailed treatment plan including costs, materials used, visits and warranties. This information and the impression of a personal encounter with dentists and clinic staff makes a very good basis for an informed decision about a possible future dental treatment in Budapest.

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