FOVE Debuts New Headset Design

The side parts that were included in the previous version of the FOVE HMD have been removed after a lot of internal discussion and user feedback. This has allowed for a design with dramatically reduced weight and size, as well as better wearability and production efficiency. The new design still maintains FOVE’s ideal of minimal, simple and streamlined product design. “We’ve put an enormous amount of thought and care into an industrial design that is as wearable as any headset on the market” said Lochlainn Wilson, co-founder and CTO, “while continuing to refine our revolutionary eye-tracking technology.”

Last year, FOVE inc. won the SIGGRAPH Special Prize at the Digital Content Expo Innovative Technologies 2015, which led to an invitation to this year’s SIGGRAPH EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES and this showcase.

“Eye-tracking is going to change the way we play games, watch interactive stories, and socially communicate online,” said Yuka Kojima, co-founder and CEO. “I’m excited to demo our new headset design to fans, peers and our growing base of development partners.”

Kojima was quick to add that there would be other announcements from FOVE in the coming weeks. “Getting the new design ready for Comic-Con and SIGGRAPH was one of the major milestones of our summer,” she said, “but we will have some more exciting news very soon.”

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All images courtesy of FOVE Inc.


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