Former CA Brain Trust Launches Digital Associates

“Managing digital resources is difficult for companies of all sizes – especially larger companies, which can be responsible for hundreds of registered domains, even thousands, without knowing it,” said Russell Artzt, founder and CEO of Digital Associates. “With the digital landscape changing daily, most companies are unaware of the changes or how their digital resources are performing. What you have is a chaotic digital scene. Digital Associates was created to make sense of the chaos and to equip companies with the intelligence they need in order to master their digital environments.”

Digital Associates will offer a range of software-based services that bring order to the chaos. The first product is Domain Discovery, a highly scalable software solution that reviews 88 million global companies and more than 200 million registered domains – with a million more added to the database weekly – to determine a company’s digital footprint. Domain Discovery will be followed by an array of products designed to maximize digital-marketing efforts and help companies deliver more consistent and compelling messages to consumers across multiple devices and platforms.

“We’ve built a big data infrastructure that’s highly scalable,” added Vince Re, chief technologist, Digital Associates. “It starts with your domains, but it’s very important to understand your entire digital environment and, how it changes over time.”

Digital Associates offers a unique digital marketing solution informed by a proprietary database of corporate-based information. Its product, Domain Discovery, makes use of this critical corporate data in order to be insightful and intelligent in its discovery of corporate owned and registered domains. This capability is unique and helps companies to maintain a comprehensive inventory of their digital landscape.

“We’ll be digging in and delivering a more granular understanding of your digital assets,” said Artzt. “It’s a dynamic world and you need to stay out in front. Benchmarking your digital information – what it was yesterday versus today, and versus tomorrow – is extremely important.”

Digital Associates is led by Founder and CEO Artzt, Chief Technologist Re and includes a staff of software development engineers from Stony Brook University and marketing professionals. The company is based in Smithtown, NY.

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About Digital Associates

Digital Associates is dedicated to helping businesses better discover and analyze their digital-marketing resources. Our technology allows companies to streamline their infrastructure, deepen their insights and improve their business decisions. Founded by Russell Artzt, co-founder and former vice chairman of CA Technologies, and Vince Re, CA’s former chief architect, Digital Associates combines enterprise experience with startup agility to develop breakthrough solutions that help businesses master their digital environment.


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