A website with detailed and specific restaurant menu and price information

It offers information on over 530,000 restaurants across the United States, and also a variety of restaurants in the UK and Japan are indexed with up-to-date menus and prices, precise locations, accurate store hours, informative nutrition facts and more.

On the website, they list out the most popular restaurants nearby, such as Pizza HutHardee’sMarco’s Pizza and so on, and diversity of cuisine for users to choose.

You can always find a clue of where to dine and what to eat.

Besides, the nutrition part helps users keep a clear mind about the calory, the fat, the carbohydrates and so on every food contains, including a great variety brands like Jimmy John’sSubway , etc., and the food channel section gives users inspiration on a smarter and healthier life.

The manager told us that they once received an email from a lady in Columbia, Maryland and she said during her weight-losing period, she often consulted FoodMenuPrice to choose the most healthy restaurant and the most appropriate food every time she had to eat out. And a teenage wrote in his email saying that FoodMenuPrice helped him and his friends make the best choice when they dined out.

“We attach great importance to our website’s quality,” the manager says, “it is never too prudent to give our users the most accurate information they need.” All the menus, prices, and other information are collected from the restaurant brands’ official websites, and time-to-time checks ensure the website’s accuracy and timeliness.

The website also supports multi-device access. Besides desktop and laptop, users can access via iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

The food matters. Daily food decides our daily life quality. On FoodMenuPrice, you will find the love of food life.