Brings Design and Automation Together with an all new Custom Design Tool


The revamped website provides an interactive experience where customers can modify colors, layouts, graphics and texts on over twenty-thousand different folder variations. With just a few clicks, customers can view price estimates for all customized items without having to wait for a quote. Even more impressive, the 3D preview mode allows users to get an accurate idea of what their final product will look like, before placing an order.


“This integration empowers our customers with tools that enhance their ability to create unique products suited specifically to their needs.” said Andrew Jacobs, CEO of Hudson Envelope of New Jersey LLC.


As part of Hudson Envelope of New Jersey LLC’s continued efforts to provide an engaging experience for customers, the redesign showcases technological advancements while empowering users to create their own unique designs with ease. Customers can create an account on where they can review past designs or reorder saved items, reinforcing ease-of-use for businesses seeking streamlined ordering capabilities.


But the site’s redesign goes even further – it’s not just folders. Users now have the capabilities to customize additional products such as certificate holders, table tents and mailers. 


“It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come since starting out as just an envelope company years ago.”


To check out new design tool and its endless possibilities visit them at


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About Hudson Envelope of New Jersey LLC


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