Fobi Launches Verified Digital and First of its Kind App-less Investor Relations Platform Leveraging Fobi’s AI, Big Data and Mobile Wallet Technology


Fobi Launches Verified Digital and First of its Kind App-less Investor Relations Platform Leveraging Fobi’s AI, Big Data and Mobile Wallet Technology


Investor Pass utilizes Fobi’s Wallet pass platform for IR communications to unify all the touchpoints that companies have with their investors to deliver personalized information in real-time to their shareholders.


[PRESSWIRE] VANCOUVER, BC, April 21, 2022, Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI:TSXV) (FOBIF:OTCQB) (the “Company” or “Fobi”), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive customer and investor activation and engagement, announces the launch of its latest product the Investor Pass, a multi-faceted and data driven communication and marketing platform that leverages the power of Fobi’s AI, Big Data and Mobile Wallet Technology. The powerful trio of applications and functionalities will help public companies convert their unknown investors into known investors while being able to engage and improve on their investor relations strategies and communications through the delivery of real-time, data-driven, personalized shareholder communication. The Investor Pass will be a managed service and Fobi will earn revenue from initial setup fees, per pass license fees, marketing and development services, advertising & sponsorship opportunities as well as data monetization.




Fobi’s Investor Pass AI data segmentation functionality enables the automation of reporting and provides the ability to create “look alike audiences” based on the profiles of current known investors, enabling companies to better target, engage and sign-up new prospective investors. The Investor Pass will also deliver insights and analytics that will enable companies to measure the impact of their Investor communications on their business through a real-time dynamic dashboard that show exactly what their investors are engaging with and when. Investor Pass was built with a data first mentality and will encompass detailed insights and analytics which provide valuable measurement tools to gauge and activate IR strategies based on data and quantifying the impact of their IR strategies and activities in regards to stock price, volume or various other KPI’s considered to be important.


The Investor Pass product will also include a custom branded messaging and analytics portal and custom branded Wallet passes for each client that will enable companies to push out segmented notifications and content to their investors in real-time, announcing a new press release, changes in stock price, volume alerts, etc.  Investors also have access to a new Hub linked to from the back of the pass which unifies all the various IR related touchpoints that companies have with their investors. The real-time messaging based on the investor’s interests can even be pushed directly to the lock screens of their investors’ phones. This ensures that valued investors have the best and most unified user experience possible and never miss an important alert for a stock purchase or sell opportunity again.  




Fobi will launch their own Investor Pass product called the Fobi Investor Experience initially to their own investors during a webinar hosted by CEO Rob Anson and CTO Tamer Shafiq to be held on April 26th, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. PST.  Fobi Investors can expect an interactive webinar with the opportunity to download their own Investor Experience Pass directly to their mobile devices and get access to Fobi company information, as well as a few surprises.  Investors can also ask questions of the CEO & CTO.  The registration link for this webinar is here.




Thanks to Fobi’s partnership with Shopify, the Investor Pass also comes with E-Commerce functionality built in, making it a snap to set up a company merchandise store, which can help generate further brand affinity, awareness and exposure. In Fobi’s case, all profits from the merchandise store will be given to Fobi’s charity of choice, KidSport, as part of Fobi’s community service activities.  


Fobi CEO Rob Anson stated: “I have always strived to provide as much access and transparency to our shareholders as possible and now with the official upcoming release of our Investor Experience platform it takes our investor relations strategies and approach to an entirely new level.  The platform has been designed to automate and activate a first of its kind content and engagement platform that is fuelled and driven by a data first approach. Our goal was to deliver to the market a personalized level of content and engagement while providing companies with better knowledge, understanding of and direct access to their investors with a mobile app-less and unified IR experience. With today’s announcement and the response garnered from early introductory meetings, I believe that Fobi is very well positioned to stake a flag in the lucrative investor relations and communications space.”


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