Field Nation Sponsored Study Shows Freelancing Changes the Way Work Works

In the annual “State of Contingent Workforce Management” research study, Ardent Partners draws on the experience, performance and perspectives of more than 200 business professionals to report on industry-wide trends about the contingent workforce.

Report findings conclude that the contingent workforce is still in growth mode, with nearly 35% of today’s total workforce being comprised of non-employee workers including temps, freelancers and independent contractors. In addition, 70% of enterprises expect the contingent workforce to grow steadily in the next 12 months. As this growth continues, however, organizations need tools to effectively manage the workforce.

“The optimization of a total workforce cannot occur without the proper visibility,” writes Christopher Dwyer, research director at Ardent Partners. “In today’s market, only 18% of organizations cite ‘strong’ visibility into their worker footprint, which is defined as visibility into all talent across the entire enterprise, including both traditional full-time employees and non-employee workers, freelancers and independent talent.”

Field Nation combines its comprehensive freelance management system with a total workforce management software platform that helps organizations get work done. Organizations use to procure, manage, pay, track, and optimize contingent labor. In addition, any organization can use Field Nation Complete™ as its total work management solution.

“We created Field Nation to provide the visibility, accountability and control organizations require to manage their complete workforce,” said Mynul Khan, founder and CEO at Field Nation. “Our platform delivers access to highly-skilled independent contractors nationwide and across the world, and it provides the on-demand tools that make it easy to efficiently manage projects and teams of people as they collaborate to get more work done – all while keeping an eye on reducing labor costs.”

The “State of Contingent Workforce Management” study concludes that, “Today’s enterprises are building towards a business-shifting revolution that will forever shape the concept of global talent.” Field Nation’s platform helps organizations cross the divide as they transition to the workforce of the future.

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