Fides Treasury Services provide “one stop shop” for financial solutions with Multibanking Suite extensions



Imagine a world where you log into a single platform and have complete global visibility into your cash, can process bulk and individual payments, see and address exceptions, make cash forecasts, and run reports. Now, add financial services such as money market solutions, foreign exchange, factoring and more.


That’s the world envisioned by multibank connectivity solution provider Fides Treasury Services Ltd. — and the Zurich-based company is actively working to make it a reality.


In 2020, Fides released a new and enhanced version of its Multibanking Suite, which allows clients to centralize their bank accounts and easily make payments to anywhere in the world through an intuitive SaaS interface. The modular Fides Multibanking Suite gives corporate treasury and finance professionals complete visibility into and control over their banking connections and transactions, with secure access from any location. Administration and approvals are controlled through a single tool, with a single sign on, saving time and effort while providing visibility into all aspects of workflows.


Simon Kaufmann, Fides’ Head Client Relations and Marketing, says that the company plans to expand its ecosystem of client offerings through complementary financial solutions from partners, with the aim of providing a true “one-stop shop” for its clients.


“The Fides multibanking ecosystem spans the entire treasury world, allowing us to offer a wide range of partner solutions that extend the value of our Multibanking Suite,” Kaufmann shares. “We are actively engaging in discussions with companies offering and developing tools and services of particular interest to finance and treasury.”


In addition to Fides’ critical multi-bank payment workflow, account statement and reporting capabilities, Kaufmann says that clients will be able to choose from a growing selection of products and services, all available through the same easy-to-use interface.


Rod Gabriel, head of products and solutions at Fides, is excited about the possibilities inherent in this expansion, and is looking at ways to enhance Fides Multibanking Suite functionality and integration capabilities to better support the growing ecosystem. He says that, for example, in future there may be single sign on capability that gives Fides clients access to Fides EFT (Electronic File Transfer), Fides ARS (Account Reporting Solution), and all of the validated partner offerings provided.


“Our goal is to provide a single platform where corporate treasurers, treasury analysts, cash managers, and CFOs can access all the tools they need to manage their day-to-day responsibilities,” says Gabriel. “From FX to money markets and beyond, we will be offering easy access to innovative solutions from trusted Fides partners.”


For more information on Fides, visit www.fides.ch



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