Expo 2017 Astana: Guangdong’s New Energy Innovations on the Display

Guangdong has grasped the opportunity from the expo to promote the province’s image on the world stage, said Lin Tao, director of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Committee (CCPIT Guangdong), the organizer of the event. By following the Belt and Road Initiative, the province has increased cooperation with countries along the route and acted as important engine in bringing about a new phase of all-around two-way opening up with links running eastward and westward over land and sea.

Under the theme of the world expo – “Future Energy”, a batch of Guangdong-developed world-leading energy technologies and achievements was on the display. Among them was the Hawk-shaped Wave Power Generator devised by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The generator employs light and effective wave-absorbing floating bodies, combining the self-developed wave-absorbing conversion device and semi-submersible technology. That is guaranteed to provide access to electricity for offshore facilities and on the islands and reefs on the high seas. “According to expert testimony, the technology boasts a world-leading advantage,” said Ma Longlong, director of the institute.

The advanced technologies and ideas on new energy shown in Guangdong Week, in fact, are but examples of Guangdong’s strategy of innovation-driven growth. In recent years, the R&D spending of GDP in Guangdong has increased by 0.01 percent. Specifically, the ratio reached 2.5 percent in 2015, 2.58 percent in 2016 and counting, approaching the average of innovative countries.

As far as is known, Kazakhstan represents the first stop for China’s westward promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative. With its endowment of resources, energy in particular, Kazakhstan is expanding cooperation with China in the field of energy. To build up a new platform for enterprises from Guangdong and Kazakhstan to seek potential cooperation, a memorandum of understanding is expected to sign between CCPIT Guangdong and Kazakhstan’s government departments during the Guangdong Week.