The European’s Climate Change Review


In this timely supplement of The European, a panel of experts explore the world of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – a corporate rating that helps firms gauge their social and environmental impact. By defining a clear strategy in this regard, companies can engage with investors and the wider community – communicating a purpose beyond the bottom line. ESG serves as a benchmarking process in an era that understands the importance of businesses having a positive, wider impact.


The need for greater sustainability is being felt across all industries; regulatory bodies, and governments with their own commitments, and an increasingly climate-conscious public are demanding change more than ever before.


The Climate Change Review is a bi-monthly global ESG and Sustainability publication, intended to inform, educate, promote best practice, and put these market changes into context. It covers a broad spectrum of global concerns around ESG, including Sustainable Development, Clean Tech, Renewable Energy, Sustainable finance, Trade Credit Management, Supply Chain management and Real Estate.


Published by Chase-Publishing Ltd in London, it is available in hard copy, digital format and is accessible at various trade fairs around the world. The publication has a syndicated news partnership with Thomson Reuters.


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