The European releases investment report




The European magazine released their investment report on Monday 18th January. The report shines a light on the push for gender equality in the sector, with the lead article exploring the fantastic progress toward equal opportunities made by El Salvador-based bank Banco Hipotecario.



Its efforts toward understanding inequality and what can be done to help women both in the workforce and in El Salvador itself has earned Banco Hipotecario the position of a strategic partner in both the economic and social development of the country.



‘We are glad to feature such an influential organisation, our hope is that the efforts made by Banco Hipotecario and CEO Celina Padilla Meardi inspire others around the world to do the same,’ a spokesperson from The European magazine stated.



The investment report also explores the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency and their efforts to foster a culture that empowers women, as well as Citizen Lane and their efforts to gift individuals freedom and security through Residence by Investment schemes.



The supplement is available here and from The European’s website.



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