The European interviews Rob Masson and Lenitha Bishop of The DPO Centre



Rob Masson, the CEO of The DPO Centre, spoke at length about data transfers between the EU and the UK, how data adequacy helped bridge the gap in the meantime, and the ways in which the two entity’s treatment of data might diverge at some point. 


Lenitha Bishop, Head of DPOs, gave insight into the multitude of data laws around the world, and how that serves to exacerbate an already complex situation. Lenitha made clear that it is imperative to understand the risks and mitigate them, this safeguarding is one of the most paramount tasks of a Data Protection Officer. 


Data is a boardroom issue, that was the overarching message from the interview. A fact that keeps companies like The DPO Centre very busy as they help clients to navigate a complex and ever-changing landscape


The interview is available to view here: