The European interviews Mark Field and Sarah Blanchard of Prof Consulting Group


Hosted by journalist Juliette Foster, Mark Field and Sarah Blanchard explained how Prof Consulting Group filled a gap in the global market. ‘Often forgotten, a clear and easily communicated ESG strategy helps to retain and attract employees’ explained Mark Field. 


After a 30-year international career in Food manufacturing & retailing including a relocation to the beautiful shores of Australia where Mark Field, the company’s founder and CEO headed the Private label transformation for one of the largest supermarket chains, Field decided after almost a decade there to launch Prof Consulting Group 


Mark and Sarah have a clear vision to help businesses excel in an ever-evolving marketplace where their team of industry experts help businesses navigate a rapid changing landscape through a deep understanding of consumer needs and behaviours paired with extensive experience in FMCG production, manufacturing, product innovation, supply and sourcing through decades of experience.  



With the head office in Melbourne the business has continued to grow internationally with satellite offices in the UK, Germany, UAE & USA. In 2020 Mark launched a dedicated ESG team, led by Sarah Blanchard, to increase capability and further support their clients.  


The interview is available to view here:


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