EUROMOVERS International movers takes action to combat ransomware attacks


Photo: Thomas Juchum, General Manager, EUROMOVERS

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Ransomware is a malware program used by criminals to extort money from computer users, often resulting in valuable data being progressively removed until a ransom is paid. Users are cleverly duped into clicking on an infected pop-up advertisement, often from a bogus antivirus supplier, or by opening an infected zip file or website link.

EUROMOVERS’ General Manager, Thomas Juchum said, “All businesses, however large or small, are vulnerable to this relatively new cyber threat and with over 100 members across 30 countries, we want to make sure everything possible is being done to prevent these potentially devastating attacks. Our business is international removals and our clients need to know they can rely on our systems for the security of their shipments. That’s why we are taking this new threat so seriously.”

EUROMOVERS has formed a certified information security (IS) forum consisting of IS managers from member companies to advise the group on cyber security matters.

Among the recommendations, members have been urged to make sure their Windows operating system is kept up to date and that no software updates have been missed. The forum also recommends the installation of protection products such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, for malware search and destroy and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium, for prevention against malware infection.

Frequent changes of passwords containing at least eight digits in both upper and lower case and the use of the two-time-authentication method using login and password, plus an additional security element via text messaging for Internet accounts are also recommended.

The forum stresses to members the importance of keeping back-ups using external hard drives and the need to make sure they are disconnected immediately after use to avoid a possible virus attack. Regular testing of back-up systems is of course essential.

Perhaps most importantly, staff at EUROMOVERS member companies have been made aware of the existence of ransomware, the threat it poses to the business, and the need to consult their supervisor if they are unsure about the validity of a file or website they are about to open.

The EUROMOVERS IS forum will be continually monitoring the situation regarding ransomware and other cyber threats to ensure member companies and their customers are protected.

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