Introduces Mobile and Web Telemedicine Platform

1 Introduces Mobile and Web Telemedicine Platform, Empowering EU Patients with Prescription, Sick Note, and Certificate Services, Led by CEO Eva Simunović…, a leading healthcare technology company, is delighted to announce the launch of its innovative mobile and web telemedicine platform. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Eva Simunović, this groundbreaking solution aims to provide EU patients with seamless access to telehealth services, including prescription issuance, sick notes, and certificates, transforming the way healthcare is delivered and accessed. has harnessed advanced technology and the expertise of healthcare professionals to develop a platform that revolutionizes the doctor-patient relationship and enhances healthcare accessibility. The mobile and web telemedicine platform offers a user-friendly interface accessible through smartphones, tablets, and web browsers, ensuring that EU patients can easily connect with healthcare providers and receive high-quality medical care.


Key Features of’s Mobile and Web Telemedicine Platform:


  1. Virtual Consultations: EU patients can conveniently schedule virtual appointments with experienced doctors, specialists, and therapists, enabling easy access to healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes. The platform supports video, audio, and chat-based consultations, providing flexibility and personalized care options.
  2. Prescription and Medication Management: empowers healthcare providers on the platform to issue digital prescriptions, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. Patients can conveniently access their prescribed medications from partner pharmacies, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.
  3. Sick Notes and Certificates: The platform facilitates the issuance of sick notes or medical certificates, providing EU patients with the necessary documentation for work or other purposes.’s digital sick notes are legally compliant, simplifying administrative processes and ensuring patient convenience.
  4. Secure Electronic Medical Records: ensures the secure storage of electronic medical records for EU patients, maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Authorized healthcare professionals can access and update patient records, enabling seamless continuity of care and improved treatment outcomes.


Eva Simunović, CEO of, expressed her enthusiasm about the platform’s capabilities, stating, “At, we are committed to transforming healthcare accessibility for EU patients. Our mobile and web telemedicine platform enables patients to easily connect with healthcare providers, while also streamlining prescription issuance, sick notes, and certificates. We believe this technology will revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered and improve patient experiences.”’s mobile and web telemedicine platform offers numerous benefits, including reduced wait times, increased accessibility to healthcare professionals, and the convenience of obtaining necessary prescriptions and documentation. By leveraging digital solutions, the platform optimizes healthcare delivery and enhances the patient experience. actively collaborates with healthcare organizations, hospitals, and medical professionals across the EU to expand its network of providers, ensuring EU patients receive top-quality care. The platform is accessible through iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as web browsers, catering to the needs of patients throughout the EU.


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About is a leading healthcare technology company dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare delivery through its innovative mobile and web telemedicine platform. Led by CEO Eva Simunović, the company aims to enhance healthcare accessibility for EU patients by providing them with a reliable and efficient telehealth platform.