Entrust Datacard Continues to Optimize High Speed Color Printing for Card Issuers

Designed to work inline with the Datacard® MX Series card issuance systems, this second generation inline printer module offers on-demand, 600 dpi full-color, edge-to-edge card printing for card and credential programs in the financial, government, retail, loyalty, and healthcare markets.

On-demand color card printing effectively eliminates the need to preprint cards — a process that can consume weeks of production time. With this module, issuers can utilize blank white card stock and rapidly produce an entire run of individually distinct cards. This enables significant cost and time savings, and gives issuers design flexibility for printing cards.

Building on the legacy of innovation of the first-generation Artista VHD module, the GEN 2 module provides users with enhanced capabilities, including:

  • New cleaning capabilities – understanding the unpredictable conditions and 24/7 demands of a high-volume card production environment, the Artista VHD GEN 2 module includes a variety of new cleaning capabilities such as beginning and end card cleaners, an integrated cleaning ribbon and a new baffle that protects the printing station from environmental dust and particulates.
  • Precision printing and high quality color, with on-demand flexibility – the Artista VHD GEN 2 module allows card issuers to print cards on demand with detailed designs and fine-line characters, as well as edge-to-edge designs, which saves time and eliminates the need to maintain an inventory of pre-printed cards.
  • Enhanced air flow system with HEPA filtration – keeps dust away from the precision printing head, and ultimately enables a high quality output and card personalization.

“Our First Generation Artista VHD module has proven to be a very successful feature to our central card issuance systems as our customers enjoy having the high quality output that it provides,” said Dan Good, vice president of central issuance and services product management for Entrust Datacard. “We are very dedicated to product excellence, which is why we have enhanced the Artista VHD module and are offering even more features, flexibility and functionality that will give our customers the best output for high quality printing of cards and credentials.”

The new module integrates seamlessly for current operators and existing card designs. In fact, the Artista VHD GEN 2 Module has already been beta tested with FIS Global, who is a current customer of Entrust Datacard.

“We are very happy that we’ve been able to beta test this product for Entrust Datacard to see how it performs and works within our card operations,” said Dennis Moore, operations support manager with FIS Global. “Entrust Datacard continues to enhance products for their customers and our operators have been thrilled with the second generation Artista VHD module. They do not need to clean the unit as often as they did before, and we’ve noticed the overall superior quality and appearance of the finished product — very crisp and clean images that are produced on the Artista VHD GEN 2 module.”

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