‘Enjoying Life to the Fullest’ is 2016’s Top New Year’s Resolution, Survey Finds

Nearly half (45.7 percent) of the participants shared that enjoying life to the fullest is their top New Year’s resolution.

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“Who wouldn’t want to live life to the fullest?” said Cameron Huddleston, GOBankingRates’ Life + Money columnist. “Unfortunately, the small things in life can get in the way of actually enjoying life. Perhaps that’s why so many people are resolving to enjoy life to the fullest — as a reminder to take advantage of the time they have.”

Americans’ 2016 New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Enjoy life to the fullest (45.7%)
  • Live a healthier lifestyle (41.1%)
  • Lose weight (39.6%)
  • Spend more time with family and friends (33.2%)
  • Save more, spend less (30.1%)
  • Pay down debt (27.5%)

While participants had the option to choose multiple resolutions from the list, the majority (55.3 percent) only chose to tackle one goal in 2016.

Additional Findings:

  • More than half of Americans (57.6 percent) are setting a money goal.
  • Women are more focused on enjoying life to the fullest than men (at 47.6 percent vs. 41.4 percent) as well as losing weight (at 40.3 percent vs. 36.7 percent of men).
  • While millennials are the age group most concerned with spending less and saving more money in 2016, Gen Xers are the most focused on paying down their debt.
  • “Enjoy life to the fullest” is the top resolution of residents in 30 states.

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