Via a national organisation that forwards each issue to its members, it is issued electronically to major companies and public bodies across the UK. The newsletter is available to other organisations on a group subscription basis, and provides an eight-year history of UK and Global Energy developments.

On-going records of the report numbers show that the twelve issues of the newsletter’s eighth year featured 1,130 reports, with the UK accounting for 482 of them (43 per cent).

The total number of reports featured in the 96 issues published since February 2006 has now risen to just over 8,000. They effectively provide a detailed but concise eight-year history of UK and global energy, reporting political, business, environmental and technical developments.

Back in 2006, an anticipation that the energy sector was about to undergo increasingly dramatic change prompted the idea of monitoring it purposefully in a subscription-only newsletter featuring concise reports tailored to the needs of people wanting good intelligence but with limited time to assimilate complex information.

With the accuracy of that notion now clearly borne out by events, the publication has acquired a value that lies wholly in the quality of its unadorned but very sharply focused news.

Every report is brief and to the point, and the headlines that fill each front-page give their own snapshots of what the other pages contain.

The reports are grouped under ten geographical headings: United Kingdom, Western Europe, Russia and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Africa, North America, Latin America, and International. A trial group subscription can be taken for three issues.

Some brief comments from readers:

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