Elves and Der Touristik Eastern Europe form partnership



Elves is a travel app that helps travelers experience exciting destinations authentically with hyper-local customer service through the support of local travel experts in chat 24/7. By unlocking the knowledge of local travel experts combined with the scalability of Ai, Elves’s mandate is to deliver authentic travel experiences for all by building the world’s largest knowledge base of how to do just that. Through the app, Elves users also have access to essential services as they travel like hotel and flight booking, restaurant and outings reservations, and Covid requirements.


Karim Elsahy, CEO of Elves said “Our partnership with Der Touristik is instrumental in our growth moving forward. Their network and reach has amassed global levels and will help us expand into dozens of exciting destinations like Greece, Spain, Mexico, Vietnam, and countries all over Africa.


Jiri Jelinek, Der Touristik CEO of Eastern Europe said “I believe this is a very unique and necessary digital travel toolkit to offer our customers. The real value is the insight and assistance travelers get when using Elves in these destinations by accessing their local experts. He further adds, “We also want to be able to assist our partners to extend a complete travel support cycle to their customers. Travelers require a lot of assistance, even after trips have been booked which has been more evident since Covid.


Wael Amin, Partner at Sawari Ventures, commenting on the partnership, said “We are convinced of Elves’ ability to consistently deliver delightful experiences through their unique combination of AI and human-concierge capabilities. This partnership opens a very exciting opportunity to leverage the resurgent demand in travel. We are committed to continue to support the company through its journey as it rolls out this product across Egypt and other destinations”.