In a P2PE transaction, credit card account data is encrypted directly by a PCI-approved device via SRED and can only be decrypted at the solution provider’s secure facility, thereby eliminating clear text credit card data in the merchant network. By independently validating to the PCI P2PE standard, and being listed on the PCI SSC website, Eigen’s MiraServ P2PE ensures the highest level of payment card security. A merchant using a PCI-listed P2PE solution will benefit from improved security, reduced risk of a credit card data breach, simplified PCI compliance, and eligibility to use the SAQ P2PE.

“This is a significant achievement for our company, and demonstrates Eigen’s commitment to provide industry leading integrated payment solutions to our merchant customers,” said Rob Coulthard, General Manager at Eigen. “The listing of our MiraServ P2PE solution is the result of countless hours of dedicated work by the teams at Eigen and PSC.”

To become one of the first companies validated against the PCI P2PE v2.0 requirements, Eigen relied on the guidance and experience of Payment Software Company (PSC). PSC’s team of compliance experts reviewed all aspects of Eigen’s P2PE solution, and helped ensure that every P2PE requirement was met or exceeded. “Partnering with Eigen to help them meet the rigorous controls defined in the Standard was a big undertaking, which is why seeing MiraServ validated and listed is not just a significant achievement for Eigen, but an important milestone for PSC’s experience and expertise,” said PSC’s Principal, Paul Guthrie.

As POS systems continue to be a major target for data breaches, it is increasingly necessary that merchants take steps to reduce their risk. Combined with the recent US EMV liability shift, more and more merchants are re-evaluating their payments solution. Eigen’s MiraServ P2PE Solution is available today, allowing merchants to reduce chargebacks, remove payment card data from their network, and ease their PCI compliance, while providing new benefits such as EMV, wireless Pay at the Table and mobile wallet functionality to their customers.

About Eigen Development

Eigen has been providing premier integrated payment solutions to North American merchants for over 25 years. Eigen’s suite of managed payment solutions work seamlessly with leading retail, restaurant and hospitality Point of Sale (POS) systems, offering features such as P2PE, contactless NFC (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay) and Pay at the Table (PATT), with support for EMV, tokenization, Gift Card, E-commerce and online ordering. Our Complete Payments Management approach results in secure, reliable and fast payment transactions.


About PSC

PSC is one of an elite few independent companies qualified globally to provide expert services to organizations that require specialist compliance or consulting support in the areas of Payments, Security or Compliance. With offices in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, PSC offers global reach and personalized approach to your business needs.