Educator Curtis Debord Announces Before School Tutoring Program

“Sometimes things just move a bit too fast in the classroom for every student to be able to keep up,” said Debord. 

“Many students are afraid to speak up because they do not want to displease the teacher or to be made fun of by their peers. After school tutoring gives them the opportunity to catch up, along with the confidence to speak up in the classroom in the future.”

Similar programs have been set up at other schools by Mr. Debord. 

The success of these programs is easy to calculate, the extra one on one council that students receive pays off in the long term and is ideal for reinforcing lessons given in class.

“Ideally, there would be no need for tutoring, and learning would be accomplished through the classroom setting alone,” said Curtis Debord. 

“This is simply not possible, and students need additional assistance outside the classroom. These tutoring opportunities can help students better understand the information they have been exposed to in the classroom.”

Recent studies have shown that lack of confidence keeps students from excelling in their studies. 

Programs like these give students a chance to better understand their materials to help bolster class participation. 

When teachers ask if there are any questions, most students will stay quiet, just speaking in front of your peers can be difficult, even college and continuing education students have trouble expressing themselves openly in a classroom setting.

“One of the things that we have noticed in the students that have participated in tutoring is that their confidence in the classroom goes up,” said Curtis Debord.

The one on one sessions shows students their questions are valid by giving them a chance to sit with at teacher and ask candidly. 

Tutoring programs are proven to be a great way to alleviate the stress of learning for those who can’t handle the classroom setting well.