Education Content Delivery Moves Online, Land Grab Begins: Futuresource Consulting

“The global education industry is in a state of flux, with traditional learning styles and methodologies being challenged by a new breed of online delivery solutions,” says Mike Fisher, Associate Director of Education Technology at Futuresource Consulting. “In this newly-volatile sector, online learning tools and solutions are being offered to educators and learners of every subject and at every level, sometimes as standalone offerings, though often as part of a blended learning solution.”

Over the last decade the music, video, games and book publishing industries have experienced a content delivery upheaval, which is now cascading into education. And although online content delivery is nothing new to the education sector, the increasing penetration of technology – for use in both formal and informal learning environments – is leading to a rapidly growing opportunity for digital-based learning solutions. These solutions are not only penetrating the student market, but also gaining traction in professional and vocational learning.

“The opportunity is colossal. Futuresource forecasts show that the global installed base of mobile PCs in K-12 education will exceed 70 million by the end of the year, not including bring-your-own-device schemes,” says Fisher. “The USA is dominant, at more than 21 million – that’s 34% penetration – and by 2019 we forecast more than two-thirds of K-12 students in the US will have access to a mobile PC.

“The fast-growing nature of the online learning market, together with this vast market opportunity, is resulting in a raft of start-up companies entering the market and significant investments being made by the venture capitalist industry.”

“Many of the larger, traditional education publishers are also making purchases and providing investment to innovative start-ups – it’s a veritable land grab, with market segments and business models developing overnight and the venture capitalist industry making frequent forays into the sector.”

Due to the fast-paced transition to digital and online based learning, new business sectors are emerging, substituting or complementing traditional brick and print education. The research study from Futuresource provides a landscape overview of the status of online education delivery, identifying clear segmentation of the current online models of education delivery, focusing on virtual e-book libraries; online video and podcast libraries; project-based-learning online software; online interactive educational resources; online assessment and personalized learning software; online courses and massive open online courses (MOOCs); online educational games and social learning networks.

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