ECommPay becomes first acquirer to implement Mastercard Dashboard

In August 2016, Mastercard launched its newest risk management system. Mastercard Dashboard is a highly functional anti-fraud technology, dedicated to providing acquirers insights into their merchant clients’ fraudulent statistics. With greater visibility into fraud, chargeback, and decline trends, the system creates an opportunity for acquirers to proactively identify potential vulnerabilities for their merchant-related risk mitigation, fraud management practices, and decline-management strategies.

The Mastercard Dashboard is engineered specifically to expand acquirer possibilities, aggregating insights from across the Mastercard global network to provide a detailed overview of merchant transactions. Its historical tracking function is updated daily, showing updated fraud, chargebacks, and authorization-declined information.

Forward-thinking payment services provider ECommPay stays ahead of competition by closely monitoring the latest payment innovations. Shortly after Mastercard Dashboard was introduced, ECommPay became the first acquirer in Europe to add the new system into its large portfolio of payment products, tools, services, and technologies.

Mastercard Dashboard’s new risk management tools are a valuable contribution to ECommPay’s range of highly effective anti-fraud measures. New functionalities and filters supplement ECommPay’s competency in tracking and neutralizing fraudulent activity by aggregating and analyzing fraud, chargeback, and decline data by quarter, type, location, card product, merchant type, and more.

Marija Solovjova, Head of Fraud/Chargebacks Monitoring Division at ECommPay, is enthusiastic about the expanded possibilities offered by the company’s implementation of Mastercard’s newest technology. “We’re honored to be the first acquirer granted access in Europe to Mastercard’s latest product,” she says. “The launch of the product both in Europe and in Russia has greatly contributed to our primary objective to provide maximum security for merchant transactions, keeping their performance and profits on the highest level.”

About ECommPay

ECommPay is one of the leading international companies offering modern individual payment solutions. The company develops simple solutions in payment processing with VISA/ Mastercard and China Union Pay, as well as popular alternative payment systems for e-commerce companies worldwide.

ECommPay head office is located in the UK. The representative office is located in Moscow, Russia.

ECommPay is an authorized payment institution (API), holding Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) license 607597. The company is certified under PCI DSS Level 1 and holds both Visa and Mastercard Principal Member status.


Anastasia Zencika, Head of Marketing and PR at ECommPay: [email protected]