Ebuyer’s Brexit Blueprint!

Ebuyer, one the UKs leading online tech retailers is not as worried as most. In fact, if you visit its East Yorkshire headquarters, you’ll find an unusual amount of optimism and confidence as the company has worked hard to ensure it’s ‘business as usual’, despite some industry leaders predicting the worst.

So how do you plan for something when you don’t really know what you’re planning for? It’s a difficult question.

“Ebuyer has been focussed on providing the best service and support, hiring the best staff and making sure that we have the right products at the right price,” says Andy Roberts, Commercial Director. “We’ve also expanded our ranges, introduced new initiatives and have increased  our marketing activity to reach new customers.”

 It’s a combination of these things which he says brought in record sales over the Black Friday period.

 But there’s more to Ebuyer’s success says Import manager Tony Morris, “We’ve worked hard with our international partners to ensure the continuity of supplies. It may be that there will be delays with products being held in ports due to increased administration with goods coming in through the EU, so we’ve done lots of planning ahead.”

 With sales increasing, Ebuyer is on the lookout for new staff across several areas and has recently launched its own PC building department, all done in-house with multinational staff contributing to the company’s success.

Brexit is going to happen, but Ebuyer is already looking beyond the impending split with our friends in the EU. https://www.ebuyer.com/


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*Established in 1999, Ebuyer is a specialist online retailer of electronics and technology. It is based in Howden, East Yorkshire, and stocks over 40,000 products on its website (ebuyer.com). Ebuyer fulfils over 20,000 customer orders per week.