DRaaS Providers, ComportSecure, Explains the Disaster Recovery as a Service Process and How It Can Support Your Business

Any of these disasters, large or small, can completely derail a business and interrupt everything from fulfilling orders to processing payroll.

When a business uses DRaaS, all files and data are backed up and secured in an offsite facility; they can be restored swiftly in the event of a business interruption — even if your physical office or facility is not currently available. DRaaS goes far beyond a simple backup plan; it replicates and saves your systems and files frequently, so that they can be restored in a current, usable state, sometimes in minutes.

The ongoing secure replication of your files ensures none of your hard work is lost — a backup plan is a good start, but backups cannot be relied upon when you have cybersecurity issues, technology failures or even in the event of an employee error. Organizations relying solely on backups are often shocked to find out that their backups are often not happening regularly or are not successful until it’s too late. Additionally, many backup restorations are untested and require a long tedious process if you actually need to rely on them to get you back up and running. DRaaS changes all that with guaranteed RTO’s and RPO’s and an expert team to help in the event of an outage.  

By creating an offsite, secure and up to date copy of your systems and data, a DRaaS brand like ComportSecure eliminates the risk of data loss and business downtime. Since all operations are handled by the DRaaS provider, there is no additional burden for a brand’s in-house IT team and restoration can begin without delay. Even the best internal IT departments struggle with recovering the data for an entire organization; this results in delays and downtime that can have a significant impact on an organization’s ability to reopen and function.

Learn more about the latest technology and innovations in disaster recovery and mitigate the risk of costly business downtime and disruption. Protect your business with a solid, secure disaster recovery service and you’ll have the ability to spring into action without delay in the event of an emergency.


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