DPG Media launches company Aimwel, introduces innovative marketplace advertising technology platform


  • First international B2B SaaS company for publisher DPG Media
  • Boosts recruitment industry and other marketplace verticals


Aimwel’s marketplace advertising technology platform fully automates marketing campaigns for the recruitment and staffing industry. Other marketplace verticals are to follow in due course.


“Success for us is to also add value to others, so launching Aimwel as an international B2B SaaS company makes perfect sense,” says Christian Van Thillo, Executive Chairman of DPG Media. “Innovation and entrepreneurship have been at the core of our company’s DNA for 35 years. We know how to grow and seize a great opportunity.”


Addressing needs of recruiters and jobseekers amid Great Resignation


With staff shortages at an all-time high amid the Great Resignation, the needs of both the recruitment industry and talent have changed drastically. There are fewer active jobseekers and applications for a high volume of vacancies.


“Job boards need support in delivering the expected results for recruiters, and that’s where we come in. The 2.5 billion USD recruitment advertising technology market is booming,” says Lauri Koop, CEO of Aimwel, a DPG Media company. “With employees in high demand and more types of media channels grabbing their attention, we have found the perfect product-market fit to attract active and passive jobseekers alike.”


Fully automated cross-media lead generation in a cookieless world


As we move towards a cookieless world, there is an increasing need for fully automated cross-media lead generation and high-quality campaigns based on reliable anonymised data.


Successful integrations with leading job boards in The Netherlands, UK and Germany such as Nationale Vacaturebank, Intermediair, Reed.co.uk, etc. have resulted in improved marketing campaign efficiency and performance.


“Working with an innovative technology partner like Aimwel is helping us to run our paid traffic and job application generation in a more efficient, agile and transparent way. They understand both our strategic needs and opportunities, and can translate that into the set-up of our marketing campaigns,” said Simon Wingate, Managing Director at Reed.co.uk.


Aimwel’s SaaS technology enables optimal cross-media partnerships and a stronger performance, generating more applications per job posting at a lower cost.


“Industry knowledge, efficiency and transparency are what defines DPG Media’s Aimwel. We get to maintain a direct dialogue with our existing clients, while Aimwel brings a technological added value that impacts the overall performance and the client’s budget management,” says Harley van Swaay, Head of Programmatic Agency Relations EMEA at Talent.com.


Patent-pending AI technology fully developed by publisher


As an industry first, Aimwel is the first job board advertising technology platform fully developed by a publisher. Standing on the shoulders of publishing powerhouse DPG Media, Aimwel has the know-how to create campaigns that integrate well on niche sites, display and social media.


Aimwel’s data-driven AI lets users run and optimise fully automated campaigns with the right media mix at category level and, importantly, also for individual job postings. Manual adjustments are no longer needed. Job boards, classifieds companies, publishers and advertisers are able to attract jobseekers in the right places with quality campaigns that appeal to them.


About Aimwel, a DPG Media company


Aimwel is an international B2B SaaS company founded by leading publisher DPG Media. Our innovative marketplace advertising technology platform delivers high-quality lead generation across paid performance media channels. Our patent-pending AI technology fully automates campaigns for the recruitment and staffing industry and other marketplace verticals. www.Aimwel.com


About DPG Media


DPG Media is a leading publisher dedicated to enriching people’s lives by creating great media to inform, inspire and entertain them. DPG Media is active in radio & television, news media, online services and magazines. With 80+ media brands, DPG Media is the leading media group in The Netherlands and Belgium, while also ranking first for digital media in Denmark. DPG Media employs close to 6,000 employees, including 2,000+ journalists. www.dpgmediagroup.com


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