The Downbeat Mysteries Album Released

It’s been over 5 years since the magic of Luke Harrison AKA Lucius has released a mix CD, during which time he has been busy writing and releasing the second artist album, working on film projects and remixes across poly genre’s is keeping him busy.

The last CD “The Five Ages of Humanity” was released back in ‘2005 and was met with some interest around the world, so there is a justified sense of expectation on what Luke Harrison has in store for us this time around.

And “The Downbeat Mysteries” takes the more mixed focused progression of the album, which really moves you between somber & sweet moods & melodies with the overall feeling of something deep stirring.

While the format is rhythmic & emotive sound scenery that impress the qualities of Pink Floyd, Lemon Jelly, Bent, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Hybrid, Global Communication, DJ Food, Cold Cut, Mr Scruff, Nightmares on Wax, Banco De Gaia, Sasha, The Crystal Method, The Avalanches, Faithless, Underworld, Aim, Filla Brazillia, De-Phazz, David Holmes, dZihan & Kamien all rolled in one & pulling together a compilation of quality & definition.

A surround sound version of the project is expected to be available for the select specialists to enjoy sometime after the stereo release. Using the extensive experience in themed epic sound projects, he draws together a diverse, interesting and often surprising collection of moods and sounds. Luke Harrison has been long time collaborator with many top name producers of the years & often releases the bold & different projects under his alter ego “Lucius”.

The whole mix is haunting, beautiful, subtle and at times majestic. It is certainly not the kind of production you would whack on all day but there is an undeniable sense of splendor to the music here occasionally dropping in beats and often stripping them away. There is a real emotional journey as they build up to the gorgeous heights of bliss and the serene interludes.

The mixed album dishes up a surreal atmospheric soup of sound. Ambient, Downbeat, Break beat, Chill Out, Dub Step, Lounge is something for which Luke Harrison delights in producing, anyone who has experienced Luke Harrison during his DJ set will know that the lad does not confine himself to any particular genre and tend to cherry pick the best atmospheric cuts from across the world and the music spectrum. This is certainly the case where every track fits like a glove, and many tracks will reach the depths of your soul.

On other occasions you will see him smashing the audience over the head with heavy gravity beats of the most priestly tribal tech trance order. High-energy dance floor shamanism is often the result you find at both his performances and productions in the tech trance & electronic genres.

All tracks are weaved together with interludes & fine moments of ambience in the landscape, Lucius programming and mixing is standing out, and combined with the collaboration with twice Grammy award winning Pink Floyd mastering engineer. The Downbeat Mysteries project is testament to the mastering skills of Pink Floyds mastering engineer at Tubemasters. When you add the breadth of music on offer from the album, we are left with something that will at the very least satisfy a broad spectrum of fans, and perhaps even open up their taste to yet more artists bold enough to stretch the imagination of the audiences

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