Donald Trump Gets Fired… By Generation Self

According to a recent poll by marketing platform Pay Your Selfie ( nearly 8 out of 10 selfie takers give Trump a “thumbs down,” disapproving of him as a Presidential candidate. The findings are a result of more than 1,000 selfie takers weighing in with a simple thumbs up/down selfie taken through the Pay Your Selfie app.

Selfies—Candidate’s Untapped Data Warehouse

With more than 100 million selfies taken daily, a growing number of companies are finally realizing the power of selfies. With the ubiquity of smartphones, brands and marketers are able to better understand Generation Self, otherwise known as socially-active, self-absorbed, yet ambitious Millennials.

Pay Your Selfie conducted “vote by selfie” polls during two separate times, on November 21 and December 16-17. Each poll garnered more than 500 selfies. 75% and 78% of selfie-takers panned Trump. An analysis of selfies show Trump supporters were more likely to smile and hold up Trump signs in selfies. Those opposed often scowled and sometimes snapped group “thumbs down” selfies.

While unscientific, the polls do provide a glimpse into how out of touch The Donald is with today’s young, socially-conscious voters.

“Selfies are treasure troves of data, offering insight into how consumers view products, places, or people,” Michelle Smyth, CEO of Pay Your Selfie said. “Selfies and smartphone images are unleashing new ways to gather consumer preference data in an increasingly digital and social marketing era.”  

Available for iOS and Android, Pay Your Selfie is a free app offering “selfie tasks” worth cash. New tasks—valued from $.25-$1.00 each—are available weekly. When users reach $20, they receive a check in the mail or choose to donate their selfie cash to charity.

About Pay Your Selfie: Pay Your Selfie connects brands with consumers using selfies as the medium. For consumers, Pay Your Selfie pays cash for selfies, turning social currency into real currency. For brands, we offer a performance-based mobile marketing platform that delivers consumer engagement and insights. Pay Your Selfie is available for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Visit


Orly Telisman