Incept has taken a 35% shareholding of the parent company (which holds the Intellectual Property) of Tectron Global Media Private Limited (TGML) with the right to buy 100% based on primarily Incept scrip. The founders of TGML’s parent have become significant shareholders of Incept pursuant to existing member resolutions of Incept.

The following information is from the TGML Business Plan;

Tectron Global Media Private Ltd. (TGML) has a ground breaking concept of Digital Content Delivery Network through its patented technology, with global vision to capture millions of subscribers’ worldwide. Using TGML’s end to end, single window, multi-domain telecom-media technologies & its systems; the services can easily reach worldwide viewers over ordinary telecom & media platforms. This includes the regional ADSL Telco’s, 3G, 4G & other wireless internet operators. The services via this platform can reach out its unique delivery mechanism over the public internet with no licensing requirements anywhere across the globe. It will be able to establish a global network along with regional or country based networks. It has taken more than 50 top-notch scientists, $60 million and over 200 engineers to complete this technology over many years. TGML solutions would provide the platform for all round growth for the Telecoms, Content providers and also Device manufacturers.

The intended charge to end-users of 8-15 cents per Gigabyte still provides considerable profits for TGML, yet this is far lower than existing competitor charge out rates. The disruptive technology is based on algorithms and artificial intelligence.

TGML will finalise arrangements with Chunghwa Telecom which has major control over the Trans-Pacific Sub Marine cables carrying data. Taiwan Chunghwa has its Network Operating Centre (NOCs) in most of the important countries. Chunghwa has the best NOC space and allied facilities with premium Internet lease line. Chunghwa Telecom already has the expertise and equipment’s to create 2G & 3G Infrastructure of wireless Internet. Chunghwa has one of the best the Dish Farms for getting the satellite channels, transmitting the channels failing which TGML would use approximately 8000 square meter of NOC space in Chunghwa’s main data center. TGML is to increase its satellite channel capacity to access one of the most advanced state of the art Communication HUB’s with massive earth stations having teleport down and uplink facilities.

TGML is probably one of few companies providing complete head-end technologies, delivery protocols, and end client access devices all under one umbrella. TGML does not rely on any external products or services other than for Content.

The key features of the TGML software infrastructure system are as follows: 

    • Potentially world’s Largest Virtual Telecom Network.
    • Out of Box opportunity to quickly grab Indian digital CABLE TV market.
    • It eliminates the need of any collaboration for last mile, license & broadcast regulations.
    • Lower subscriber acquisition cost along with better user experience.
    • Unlimited content delivery with flexible and scalable system.
    • Creation of back end infrastructure to give breathing room to 3G/4G/BWA telecom operators.
    • Globally patented software
    • Truly network and device agnostic media streaming delivery platform.
    • Only technology provider at affordable services with the best quality in most volatile networks.
    • Complements existing media business and services

TGML Specialty 

  • The TGML specialty is the streaming of any video transmission on very low bandwidth, for instance: if others have to use the bandwidth of 900 kbps, TGML can provide it at a bandwidth of even 30 kbps. So, the speed will be 30 times faster.
  • As bandwidth used for transmission is very low, the cost to the ultimate user is also very small which makes the technology economical and preferable.
  • With the possibility of meager bandwidth streaming, there is no buffering during the video viewing. This results in the high definition of video quality and a pleasant view for the eyes.
  • Further, TGML is a game changing end-to-end operating system. It takes content from source to screen, traveling through the internet at variable speeds, and also a path-breaking compression algorithm. This results in high-quality performance at speeds ranging from 11-700 kbps without pixelization.
  • It is truly a network and device agnostic media streaming delivery platform.
  • The end-to-end platform covers live/archive, compression/trans-coding, content management, encryption & DRM, advertisement management, middleware, streaming, OSS & BSS and other value added services.
  • It produces diverse profiles & multiple bit rate compression & streaming with network adaptive bandwidth control.
  • It will cater to live an on-demand content delivery on IP/OTT set-top box, PCs, Smartphones (android, iPhone etc.) and tablets (android, iPod etc.).
  • Its network neutral services will work on all the BWA (broadband wireless access) like WiMAX, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G internet networks.
  • TGML will be the only technology provider at reasonable services with the best quality in most volatile networks.
  • TGML dispenses at its own cost, the complete end-to-end technology of the media NOC & CDN as well as create an infrastructure which would be connected by fiber link with telecom operators keen on tie-ups.
  • Handheld units will be sourced and tested by TGML along with the provision of related software.
  • It will take care of centralized media NOC & CDN along with central management system to connect to the mirror servers and NOCs of the telecom operators. Media NOC & CDN would spruce up the content and do the tagging for ease of use on the 3G networks.
  • TGML will also encode and stream the live channels, VOD (video on demand) and refurbished public internet content into various 3G networks.
  • It will also house all the technologies required to render multiple applications on 3G networks along with the provision of an interface to service providers offering multiple applications.

TGML Technology 

  • It has been patented across the globe.
  • It decodes the signal.
  • It will have the facility of reporting on bandwidth speeds on a real time basis for each user; so that the bitrates of the stream can be adjusted to stay at 10% below bandwidth speeds.
  • It will be a DRM that will manage the behavior pattern, usage, and licenses of each user
  • The technology will be a sophisticated artificial intelligence which will fill-in the gaps between data pieces which will appear when bandwidth will be slow, based on past received data.
  • It will have its own network architecture and operating system and that will be centrally controlled and scalable.
  • It will incorporate a unique advertising methodology that would be able to change advertisements on the fly using cue tones; so that a fresh revenue stream can be created.
  • It will lead to a dual revenue stream where a subscriber can pay less and possess an on- screen window or go advertisement free and pay more.
  • USPs, Applications, Services, Media Network Operating Centre Architecture
  • TGML Media Tech’s IPTV Content Delivery Network (Media NOC) solution is the only Content Delivery Network solution available of its kind in the World. It is capable of provisioning full-fledged IPTV/Web TV/OTT services ranging from Live Channels plus Video on Demand. Additionally, many other Value Added Services on a Public Internet Network and Telecom Companies/ISPs Closed or Private Networks (DSL/Ethernet/Fiber/Cable), Wireless Networks (WiMAX & Wi-Fi), and 2G/3G/4G-LTE Mobile Networks.
  • In case of using Public Internet-based delivery mechanism the Services can be rendered to Subscribers located anywhere in World, having Internet connection of 512Kbps bandwidth through DSL, Cable, Ethernet, Wi-Fi etc. on IP Set-top Box; PC Platforms (Windows/Linux/MAC) or on Mobiles/Tablets (Android/iOS and other Platforms) using Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G-LTE Mobile Connection.
  • Using TGML’s Solution, IPTV/Web TV/OTT Services can be operated on Public Network irrespective of the Internet Service Providers/Telecom Companies involved; thus, making its operational model very smooth and easily expandable across different Geographical locations and different Networks.
  • In True sense, TGML’s IPTV system is scalable in terms of number of Services as well number of Subscribers, to any level. The entire architecture of the TGML’s IPTV system is modular and extensively flexible for any and every kind of future market scenario.
  • Most of the Components/Modules of TGML’s Media NOC IPTV and CDN Platform solution can be hosted on Cloud Infrastructure hosted by the various Cloud Services Providers to create a Global CDN Solution having multiple POP or Edge Locations for Smooth Delivery across all the territories without requiring heavy capital investments.

    In a depressed resources market this acquisition and its globalisation now clears the way for the listing of Incept Holdings Limited and confirms the strength of its diversified pillars strategy based on disruptive technology.

    Incept’s advisors have confirmed banking limits to fund the significant costs related to the rollout of TGML as a part of an IPO underwriting.

    Please find attached,  Digital Content Delivery Network presentation, from TGML president.

    In the coming weeks Incept will announce the relationship with MobiOne Limited (Priority One Network Group Limited ACN 149 674 484 to be renamed MobiOne Global Limited subject to the upcoming Annual General meeting to be held in the first half of 2016).

    MobiOne differentiates itself as more than just a consumer brand. The combination of strategic Investments, partners, joint Ventures, and affiliated merchants   will give the company a highly bespoke online and offline community rewards and recommendation engine, which gamifies engagement and delivers real-time personalisation. This results in increased member loyalty, member acquisition and revenue, whilst reducing churn, the effects of which are further accelerated through the addition and integration of future consumer services.

    MobiOne intrinsic value resides with predominantly in the databases or users and the ongoing businesses accessed through the Material Contracts entered into over the recent years. The Directors of MobiOne advised that arrangements with the parties including Affiliate Merchants, Partners, Joint Ventures & Strategic Investments from around the world will provide MobiOne partners with access to customer database of over 500 million, to promote and market services, these services will be delivered through a number of global platforms.

    MobiOne International network will have a profound impact on the, debit & prepaid cards, money remittance, mobile, online payments, magazine, ecommerce, media, beacons, social media TV, insurance, and employee-benefit solutions.

    With the recent acquisition of 3G Telecommunications Inc.: (A Philippines Company) A Congressional Franchise with issue of an International Gateway Franchise and a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. Duration of License: 25 years with renewal option for a further 25 years. Under the name of Mobifone eservices that will be provided: Mobile, Internet, Digital TV and Money. Mobifone contracts directly with subscribers and provides in-house created products under the brand name using Various Telco’s network. Mobifone’s transparent and focused, value “bring your own” device or “BYO” mobile and data plans will attract a broad and diversified range of subscribers. Mobifone’s focus is on the user experience, customer satisfaction.  MobiOne will have its own integrated bank-grade mobile money platform which enables mobile network operators and financial institutions to offer electronic payment capabilities to the more than one billion people in emerging economies who use mobile phones, but do not have a bank account.

    Incept intends to acquire 49% of this franchise in the Philippines.

    Incept Holdings Limited

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