DigiShares Announces Tokenization of Real-World Assets on Binance Smart Chain



Tokenize Real-World Assets (RWA) on the Binance Smart Chain


With the DigiShares Token Studio it is now possible to tokenize any real-world asset in a compliant manner, such that the legal entity and asset are legally linked with the token. The typical scenario is to tokenize the shares of a company that owns the asset and typical project sizes vary between $1-100m.


The most highly tokenized asset class is clearly real estate, however, many other types of assets are increasingly tokenized, such as energy and renewables projects, mining operations, infrastructure, objets d’art, collectibles, private equity, VC funds, and startup investments.


For tokenization of securities to function on any blockchain, there has to be a compliant, safe and audited framework to underpin it. In the case of DigiShares, the choice fell on the ERC-1404 protocol which is a well-documented, safe and recognized standard for security tokens. DigiShares uses the same protocol across Ethereum, Polygon and now BSC.


This new capability for the first time allows real world assets to be tokenized and represented on the Binance Smart Chain and will in the future enable other participants in the BSC ecosystem to issue and transact with tokenized assets in a compliant manner.


Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, states, “We have long had on our wish list to support BSC and are now really happy to support it. We have seen significant demand for tokenization on BSC and look forward to announce the first projects in the near future.”


BSC is significantly more efficient and less expensive to use than Ethereum. Minting tokens according to ERC-1404 has a gas fee of around $1,000 on Ethereum and only $10 on BSC so a very significant difference.