Depleting water supplies driving smart meter adoption


Intellore, a leading digital transformation services company, based out of India, announced availability of “LoRa enabled Battery Operated Ultrasonic Water Meter” design platform for residential applications. Depleting water supplies is already a major concern globally and organizations worldwide are deploying technology to address this issue as part of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Intellore’s Water Meter, available under technology licensing, will provide OEM, Solution Providers a quick time to market solution.

Growth in the world’s population, cities, and growing economies is placing bigger demands on already-depleted water supplies. Unchecked usage and leakage are exacerbating the scarcity of water. By 2030 the global gap between supply and demand of water is expected to reach 40%. The water industry is moving towards a smart and resource-efficient future. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are encouraging adoption of smart water meters, to help make better use of energy, avoid unnecessary water losses and minimize the consumption of resources.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are influencing government policies and mandates, requiring deployment of Smart Water Meters with a sense of urgency. For example, the European Union 20-20-20 policy aims to convert 80% of the installed meter base to smart meters by 2020. In India, adoption of Smart Water Meter is growing rapidly owing to Government tenders at Central, State & Municipal level as well as Private Sector (like Gated Communities). Smart Water Meter market is projected to grow at 13.4% CAGR between 2019 to 2024, with the residential segment (application) and Asia-Pacific (geography) is expected to be the fastest growing market.

“Effective implementation of SDGs, specifically in case of water, needs putting in place an entire ecosystem to Meter, Measure and Manage Water. The crucial part of the implementation is enabling recording water usage at consumption points, making data available centrally and monitoring consumption trends, so that effective water resource management and planning activities can be undertaken. We are very happy to introduce a ready platform that supports 15 to 40mm OD pipe sizes, 7-12 years of battery life*, LoRa connectivity with Public/Private networks and can be quickly customized to individual needs” said Chetan Khare, Co-founder and Director at Intellore.

“As a matter of fact, several of our customers found through demos that the platform currently meets nearly 90% of the requirements. The only changes our customers have so far asked for are enclosure changes, a different LCD or sensor assemblies, which are normal customization requirements. Moreover, the platform meets the metrological and technological requirements of ISO 4064” adds Prasanna Rege, Co-Founder and Director at Intellore. 

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* Battery Life is dependent on Spread Factor and frequency of data transmissions