Delamode launches UK hanging garment delivery service



The service specialises in delivering garments such as wedding dresses and suits to luxury boutiques and independent retail shops throughout the UK. Delicate, fabric sensitive fashion garments require a high level of technical expertise to ensure that the goods are not damaged along the supply chain. With some wedding dresses worth over £10,000, the financial impact on boutique shops can be significant if the items arrive late or in poor condition. This service eliminates supply chain risk for the retailer by ensuring garments arrive in pristine condition within 24-72 hours to any postcode in the UK.



Delamode’s extensive distribution network allows customers to import their items from production facilities from the Far East, as well as across Europe straight to their shop door. Once the garments are in the UK, the items are stored and processed in a dedicated London fashion facility.



Delamode’s wet and dry pre-retail processing services ensure garments are ready to arrive on time and in pristine condition for immediate sale. Delamode’s London fashion facility is a fully equipped processing plant with hand steaming and hand ironing processing as well as a 5 chamber Veit steam tunnel which can process over eight hundred items per hour. Dry garment processing services include; pick and pack services as per store allocations, de-labelling and re-labelling of garments; over-stickering, reboxing, folding and applying size cubes to hanger necks and customising hangers with retailer logo stickers. An in-house quality control team is also on hand to rigorously quality check all garments received that fail to meet the highest standards.



Once processed, garments are distributed via Delamode and Speedy Freight’s combined fleet of vehicles to the chosen delivery point. Each vehicle is equipped with adjustable mono-rail garment racking systems to ensure the items are safe and secure. Customers can track their items progress throughout the different stages of the supply chain, from the production facility to processing right up to final delivery. A trained team of customer service staff are also available to respond to any queries or concerns.



Luke Croome, COO Fashion & Retail Division of Xpediator, said:



“The high end fashion garment market is a significant sector in the UK. Our partnership with Speedy Freight makes us the only premium garment delivery service available to the industry, who can be trusted to protect and handle the clothes appropriately, as well as provide a one stop shop delivery solution. Initial customer response to the partnership has been very positive and we look forward to working closely with Speedy Freight.”



Mike Smith, Managing Director of Speedy Freight, commented:



“We know customers do not want to deal with multiple logistics companies to ensure the safe transit of one dress from Paris to Edinburgh. They would rather employ one company, who they trust, to deliver the dress securely and on time. Knowing this we are delighted to have formed this new service with Delamode.



Together we are providing the fashion garment care and final mile delivery in purpose equipped vehicles and through Delamode’s global network we are now able to collect garments directly from production factories in Europe, as well as the Far East and China. This is a natural partnership and one we expect will develop rapidly.”