Deinland Solar unveil new Immo-PV concept to catalyse solar energy adoption among commercial and private real estate owners


For Germany to achieve its climate goals and regain its energy independence, we must jointly accelerate the expansion of renewable energies. Harnessing the great potential of existing commercial and operational real estate as an integral part of renewable energy production must be tapped and now! Deinland develops and builds medium-sized photovoltaic systems on open spaces and commercial properties in Germany, leveraging technological innovations for a quick project turnaround.


What drives us is our will to reach the climate goals and to regain our energy independence as soon as possible. We use artificial intelligence and technology to industrialize the development process. Ultimately, “tech made in Germany” will be an essential part of the energy transition. Time is of the essence: the renewable energy targets for 2030 can only be achieved if new technologies significantly accelerate the transition.


With Immo-PV we transform your roof and/or your facade into yield-oriented assets and help you:


  • hedge against long-term rising energy costs and price volatility
  • contribute to your net-zero initiative
  • generate additional revenue


Transform your real estate into energy-producing assets with Deinland Solar!

For further information:


Hanno Schoklitsch – CEO

+49 40 328 902 634