David Silvas’ beach: The football player supports the development of Anfi Tauro, his hometown


This initiative that has taken nearly two decades to collect all the necessary administrative licenses, will include a seafront promenade that will join the Playa del Cura beach with Amadores.

The new location will measure approximately 300 meters in length and 50 meters wide, almost doubling the current area by replacing stones with sand. The Anfi Tauro beach project, which will be presented by David Silva, Anfi’s ambassador, will also feature a marina with 400 moorings, various complexes that will consist of up to 7.500 beds and 18,000m² of commercial area.

After many years of waiting for administrative reforms and clearing bureaucratic hurdles, “the Anfi dream continues with the construction of a beach that will be a reference tourism and leisure destination in Gran Canaria” explains Jose Luis Trujillo, CEO of the Anfi Group; this is a “unique” initiative that leads the way for future development of the Anfi Tauro project.

“At last, there is a clear horizon for this investment; the urban planning of which began in November 1987 and which will create employment and wealth for Gran Canaria” highlights Trujillo. On his behalf, David Silva who was the first to throw a spade of sand on the future beach recognised “Anfi’s hard work and effort to provide high standards of quality and infrastructure”. In fact, Silva’s link with Anfi is doubled as his mother once worked for the group for several years.

“I am very proud to represent Anfi and to support this exhilarating project, I am sure that will be as incredible as Anfi del Mar.  Anfi is a place that I hold a very special fondness for as my mother was part of this great family for many years”, stated Silva.

The Anfi Tauro valley, where the construction of various resorts will be developed in the long term project, will be an attraction for tourists visiting the area. The resulting infrastructure will also offer first class accommodation and will transform the Tauro ravine.

The first steps of this project have already been accomplished with the construction of the Anfi Emerald Club resort and two golf courses. This remarkable progress will be completed with an ambitious urban development not yet seen in the industry and will mean a significant increase in jobs for locals.

“The next step is hard work in order to consolidate this project, which will bring quality and sustainability to the area. All efforts will be concentrated on making the Anfi Tauro Valley a worldwide tourist attraction” concluded Trujillo.

There will be regular updates on this project’s progress in both Anfi’s website and social media.

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