Datar Cancer Genetics partners with The Cancer Screening Trust to offer blood-based screening


“Our collaboration with The Cancer Screening Trust will allow individuals to avail our cancer screening solutions serviced by our UK lab. Our passion and commitment is to deliver best-in-class, and unparalleled range of blood based diagnostics for clinicians and patients globally”, said Dr Vineet Datta, Executive Director, Datar Cancer Genetics. “We are delighted that this partnership will offer our highly accurate cancer detection technology to provide more comprehensive cancer screening. Trucheck is a comprehensive, cancer detection solution  that can  detect over 70 cancers, with a meaningfully unparalleled combination of sensitivity and specificity for early detection of cancers in asymptomatic individuals and localization of the detected cancers to tissue and organ of origin.


“The Cancer Screening Trust is delighted to be in partnership with Datar Cancer Genetics and to be able to offer the Trucheck Intelli blood test to all our clients, as part of our lifetime screening programme. This non-invasive, early detection tool will greatly enhance our Whole Body MRI scan, to offer the best screening package and peace of mind. Datar Cancer Genetics have made significant progress in the liquid biopsy arena and together we will help to diagnose cancer earlier and save lives”  said Frank Hogarty, CEO of The Cancer Screening Trust Ltd.


About Datar Cancer Genetics


Datar Cancer Genetics is a leading cancer research corporation specializing in non-invasive techniques for better screening, diagnosis, and management of cancer.  Datar Cancer Genetics has a College of American Pathologists (CAP), CLIA, ISO15189, ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited molecular genomic facility at India with a staff strength over 200, in addition to a state-of-the-art lab facility in the United Kingdom. Our team of scientists, clinicians, advisors and experts, based out of the United Kingdom, U.S.A., Germany and India, help advance our innovative technologies for better cancer management.


About The Cancer Screening Trust


The Cancer Screening Trust Ltd is a non profit organisation set up to offer a lifetime screening programme to individuals. The company offers an initial consultation, a blood test and a Whole Body MRI scan to gain the fullest picture of a patient’s health, so as to detect any abnormalities at the earliest opportunity. Their aim is to help clients take a proactive stance in their health management and to play a part in the drive to reduce cancer mortality.


CONTACT: Dr Vineet Datta – [email protected]

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CONTACT : Frank Hogarty – [email protected]

Website thecancerscreeningtrust.co.uk