Data Centre Power Monitoring With No Costly Downtime


The intelliAmp is a small sensor that can be clipped onto 16 and 32 Amp rack input power cables to monitor the current flowing through those cables without the need to shut-off servers or any other equipment. Once the intelliAmp is installed, the power usage of each rack can be analysed and informed decisions taken to help manage power more efficiently going forward.

Jacarta Marketing Director, Colin Mocock, explains: “It obviously makes sense to have a detailed understanding of data centre power usage in order to make energy savings where possible in the future. The problem is that the implementation of an effective power monitoring solution usually requires extensive disruption to the network and considerable downtime. The intelliAmp solution can be installed in live environments and its small size and design means that it can operate unobtrusively in the data centre environment. It gives IT managers the ability to get meaningful power data right now rather than wait until there’s a major overhaul of their data centre.”

The intelliAmp is supplied with a central monitoring system that can monitor several hundred sensors from a single IP address. Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.) can also be added if necessary.

Background Information

Jacarta specialises in helping IT departments protect their assets, reduce power usage and save money. Founded in 1997, Jacarta has become a leading independent supplier of innovative network environmental and power monitoring devices for IT rooms, racks and data centres. Jacarta’s philosophy is to provide unique, easy-to-use solutions that give customers a significant and rapid return on their investment.

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