CrowdStrike’s Machine Learning Engine Becomes the First Signature-Less Engine to be Integrated into VirusTotal

VirusTotal, a subsidiary of Google, is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs to facilitate the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware. The added functionality builds upon CrowdStrike’s continued support for the mission of the VirusTotal community to help the security industry and make the Internet a safer place.

CrowdStrike offers a new approach and an additional information source to VirusTotal’s users by integrating the first pure machine learning engine into the service. The full machine learning engine is unique as it is also the first engine in VirusTotal to provide a confidence level as a result of its analysis. This aids VirusTotal users by providing an additional level of insight into the level of maliciousness of the malware sample, rather than just a pass or fail detection result currently provided by existing engines. CrowdStrike’s machine learning engine recently achieved a perfect 100 percent efficacy and zero percent false positive score on Independent Antivirus Certification by SE Labs.

Another key unique feature of the CrowdStrike engine is that it does not rely on signatures, giving users immediate insight into any suspicious file that is uploaded to VirusTotal even if the threat is currently unknown to the antivirus (AV) industry.

“CrowdStrike is proud to support the VirusTotal mission and to be the first next-generation endpoint security vendor to contribute its engine to the community,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, CrowdStrike’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “Advanced prevention is a critical component of CrowdStrike’s endpoint protection platform and innovative approach that unifies next-gen AV with EDR and managed hunting. CrowdStrike customers rely on Falcon Host for AV protection every day and we are looking forward to contributing our technology for the benefit of the community and end-users. We hope that our commitment to openness inspires other vendors to follow suit.”

“CrowdStrike shows the broader security community they place value in being an active contributor to security practitioners within their products and services and through partnerships like this one,” said Jeff Pollard, principal analyst at Forrester. “They keep the benefits of VirusTotal’s visibility and VirusTotal users get the benefit of using an advanced detection engine. For other security vendors, the clock is now ticking to show their ability to execute by enabling their products to work with VirusTotal as well as their overall commitment to the security community at large.”

More information about VirusTotal’s update to their program can be found at this blog.

More information about CrowdStrike’s expanded relationship with VirusTotal can be found at the CrowdStrike Blog.

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