Fine tasting and good looking teas from Bellevue Teas. These little packets of affordable luxury make perfect corporate gifts, stocking fillers and presents for any foodies in your life. At just £1.80 a packet, there will also be Christmas selection packs available.

IT’S OFFICIAL! Tea is good for you… and an affordable luxurious treat! The UK is said to drink 165 million cups of tea a day, and this phenomenal figure is rising as people begin to understand the health benefits of their daily quota.

Getting together with friends and enjoying afternoon or morning tea has been part of our daily routine for years, and while we are in the grip of a credit crunch, what could be more affordable?

Recent research has shown that there are real benefits of drinking four cups a day – wonderful news for tea drinkers all over the world. This research has found that tea is a natural source of antioxidants, which are known to be particularly beneficial to heart health.

Clare Jones from Wandsworth has been having a love affair with tea for the last 25 years, and launched her company Bellevue Tea earlier this year to bring a range of “good looking, fine tasting teas” to her customers, and at only £1.80 a box, a packet of Bellevue Tea is the perfect and affordable way to enjoy an afternoon with friends.


A year’s membership to The Jenny and Mark Pitman Racing Club for £195, gives you the chance to experience the thrill of horse racing without the stress and expense of owning your own race horse.

An annual membership to the UK’s newest horse racing club is a gift that will last all year, and provide excellent value for money.

Mark Pitman said: “Owning a racehorse can be an expensive hobby, so we are giving you the opportunity to share in the excitement and experience of following the Club’s horses at the racetrack at a fraction of the cost. There are no hidden extra payments such as vet’s, farrier’s or training fees; your annual membership fee of £195 is the only charge.”

With a combined track record spanning over 70 years, members can enjoy the benefits of Jenny and Mark’s expertise in the racing industry both on and off the track.

For further information about The Jenny and Mark Pitman Racing Club, please visit


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