Council of Hmong Public Relations Working Committee for the Initiative of a Hmong Country

The Working Committee will focus on the promotion and preservation of the Hmong religion, Kamen, the dissemination of the Hmong written alphabet, Pahauh, designing the National Flag, promote cultural identity, and pursue the right of self-determination.

With the establishment of a new office in New York, the Hmong Nation, in due time, will submit the Hmong Country Application to the United Nations General Assembly, relevant Agencies of the United Nations to become Member State securing its place in the family of nations. As a Member State of the United Nations, the Hmong people and Nation shall honor and fulfill their international obligations, safeguard human rights and maintain international peace and security.

About CHPR:

The Council of Hmong Public Relations (CHPR) is a non-profit organization formed to advocate on behalf of the Hmong people for peace, security, economic development, and the pursuit of a country.

Council of Hmong Public Relations

New York, New York
(212) 365 – 5043
(559) 492 – 3975

Contact: VaXeem Xiong