Corporate Passports to Help Companies Foster a Culture of Learning and Innovation

Earlier this year the company introduced the learning passport, a subscription based blended learning offering that revolutionised Autodesk training programs enabling customers to access unlimited online and scheduled training courses a year.

While the Learning Passport was put in place to enable individuals to embark on their own learning path(s), the Corporate Passport has been tailored to cater for company needs. The evolving structure is based off highly constructive feedback from existing subscribers, mainly focused around analysis of data, customisation of contents and licencing to the company as opposed to the individual.

“The Autodesk Industry Collections provide an ideal opportunity for businesses to access multiple technical products with flexible options. The Corporate Passport compliments this by offering training and customised workflows across the entire company so that the potential of the collections can be realised” – Fari Fanaeyan, CEO A2K Technologies.

Corporate Passports include regular reports on activities of departments and other groups to enable management to measure progress on the learning paths established at the start of the process. This is further complimented with express technical support and analysis of support trends to provide insight into relevant focus areas for further learning across the company.

Business owners are reassured by the fact that the corporate passports are licenced to the company name as opposed to the individual’s name so that the service can be used for new staff during the time span of the learning paths. This is based off setting up a companywide process to get the entire team on board.

“On-boarding new staff is a constant challenge as there are specific workflows and processes within each company. Enabling the established staff to document this IP for the newer staff to learn from is a key focus of the corporate passports. The customised learning modules (complete with customised Global E Training) are designed to allow newer staff and the ‘old guard’ to learn from each other by constantly evolving the documented corporate workflows.” – Sean Twomey, Professional Development Manager, A2K Technologies.

The Corporate Passport allows companies to take the option of customised learning. This can take the form of onsite days for specific mentoring or training as well as customisation of course material, which can include the printed material as well as the E-Learning.

Customised Design Content can also be incorporated into this to ensure that the process is fast tracked with Skills Assessments for bench marking and certification are also available to further supplement the learning process.


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