Concierge for Advisors Becomes Distribution Partner for LifeXcel Portfolio style Fractional Life Settlement Contracts



As more and more states disclose that policyholders have the option to sell their life insurance policies, the number of life settlement contracts available in the marketplace has grown steadily for the past two decades. Increased regulation and transparency have boosted retail investors interest and confidence in this longevity-based asset class. Concierge for Advisors will help LifeXcel meet the growing demand for this alternative investment opportunity.


Initially available to institutions and hedge funds only, life settlements a.k.a mortality-linked contracts are accessible to California accredited investors via fractional ownership. “Enlisting Concierge for Advisors to act as distributor for LifeXcel through their vast network of wholesalers is a significant milestone in providing access to our LX Portfolio to a wider clientele,” said Aleksander Dyo, Managing Director of LifeXcel LLC.


“Since life settlements’ returns are based on mortality benefit payouts versus market performance-driven traditional investment options such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or ETFs; it is an alternative solution for diversifying investor portfolios. We are excited to have Concierge for Advisors on board to help more financial professionals to gain a better understanding of this often-misunderstood product and how this asset class can be used to stabilize high-net-worth investor portfolios,” added Arthur Lee, Director of Operations.


“The team at LifeXcel is comprised of high-quality people, and we are proud to partner with them in delivering value to the network of advisors we service.  While it is no longer a question of how valuable a life settlement can be to both the insureds who sell their policy and the purchasers – a group of investors, many advisors still are unfamiliar with this investment asset class.


Even more, finding a solution that fits in an advisor client’s portfolio allocation can be a challenge.  We believe LifeXcel has created one of the best portfolio style mortality-linked investment contracts we have found. We are excited to educate advisors on this opportunity for their practice.


LifeXcel product will not only provide greater diversification but is simple to use with a client,” stated John Oldham, Founder of Concierge for Advisors.


About LifeXcel


LifeXcel LLC, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, is an alternative asset administration company with a focus on mortality-linked investment products. Launched in early 2019, it specializes in the structuring, servicing, and managing direct ownership of life settlement contracts for California residents.


For more information about LifeXcel, contact Angie Tassone, Director of Business Relationships at 213-533-9002 or email [email protected].


About Concierge for Advisors


Concierge for Advisors, Inc. is changing the way financial distribution is handled with Financial Advisors, and the Broker Dealers they represent. The team at Concierge for Advisors consists of nearly 20 wholesalers, with an average experience of over 20 years, and a team of solutions experts that are accessible by advisors. The team helps optimize case design and implement solutions with the advisors and their clients. CFA partners with teams of Alternative Investments, ETFs, Mutual Funds, SMAs, as well as Fixed and Indexed Products including Annuities, Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Solutions provided by over 70 Insurance Companies.  Concierge for Advisors specializes in creating additional revenue streams and rapid growth for Advisors and Broker Dealers through their unique service model dubbed “Knowledge. Monetized.”


For more information about Concierge for Advisors, contact John Oldham at 920-979-8288 or email [email protected]