CompuCom Partners with Intelligent Automation Leader Arago to Integrate Artificial Intelligence into its Cloud, Data Center and Infrastructure Solutions

Under this relationship, CompuCom will integrate Arago’s problem-solving artificial intelligence solution HIRO™ into all of CompuCom’s managed services solutions for the data center. CompuCom’s clients will benefit from HIRO’s next-generation automation capabilities as incidents are found and triaged more quickly, resolutions identified more efficiently and corrective measures recommended with greater certainty. The investment in HIRO demonstrates CompuCom’s continued commitment to driving operational excellence that enhances the overall data center experience for its clients.

“When technology fails, it often takes anywhere from 15 minutes until the next business day to resolve the problem for the end user, which obviously creates a negative user experience,” said CompuCom CTO Sam Gross. “Forward-thinking companies are exploring machine learning, deep learning, robotic process automation and cognitive computing to transform IT support and shrink resolution time to a matter of seconds. Analysts project that a significant percentage of all IT support events could be delivered in a fully automated fashion in the next two to three years.”

“These new technologies have taken automation to the next level, and integrating HIRO into our digital ecosystem is a game changer for CompuCom and for our clients. We will start with leveraging the HIRO solution as part of our data center offerings and then, over time, look to expand it across our entire services portfolio,” said Gross.

HIRO uses problem-solving artificial intelligence to automate processes across the entire IT stack. The product amplifies human IT knowledge through continuous learning and built-in self-optimization – as a result, HIRO is able to solve and perform even complex IT tasks and processes autonomously.

“We are excited to significantly enhance CompuCom’s IT platform with our leading-edge AI technology,” said Chris Boos, CEO of Arago. “HIRO enables IT to become a competitive advantage in the digital age – it will help CompuCom to deliver improved results for its clients and further drive innovation. For us, this multimillion-dollar deal with such an outstanding leading technology infrastructure services company is an important step in our efforts to further strengthen our position in the U.S. market.”

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CompuCom Systems, Inc., a global company headquartered in Plano, Texas, provides IT managed services, infrastructure solutions, consulting and products to Fortune 1000 companies committed to enhancing their end users’ experience. Founded in 1987, privately held CompuCom employs approximately 11,500 associates. For more information, visit

About Arago

Arago is a high-tech company driven by the spirit of German engineering. Founded by computer scientist Chris Boos in 1995 and based in Frankfurt and New York City, Arago offers intelligent automation solutions for enterprise IT. Arago’s key product is HIRO™, an intelligent IT automation platform using problem-solving artificial intelligence. KKR, a leading global investment firm, partnered up with Arago in October 2014 to support Arago’s business development and international expansion. To learn more about Arago, please

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