Community Development System in Telegram – Lado Okhotnikov Launched CDS to Stimulate the Meta Force Participants’ Activity

In the Meta Force Metaverse, anyone can do what they want. Post photos and links in the community group. Receive special statuses for this, providing additional privileges in communication. Those who are proactive will have the chance to demonstrate leadership skills in order to take a leadership position in the ecosystem in the future.

The chatbot provides free access to training from Meta Force leaders and experts. With their help, anyone can upgrade their skills and knowledge in cryptocurrency. Some are interested in GameFi, others are interested in the Tactile direction with its unique economic component in the form of NFTs, which can be used for staking or to receive cashback. For others, communication is important. But all participants came to become financially independent.

“The more users interact with the chatbot and the community, the broader their capabilities. Access to the Reward Points market will allow you to spend earned points in the system. It will be possible to purchase digital goods with them, including books, videos, tutorials, etc,” Lado Okhotnikov briefly described the meaning of the new tool, “Get valuable resources in exchange for your activity. Your opinion and participation matter, which creates a unique experience with other partners.”

HubSpot Research: for 90% of respondents, speed of responses in chat is the most important factor in effective work – Lado Okhotnikov

Chatbots are no longer a trend, but not using their capabilities would be a mistake. The digital assistant will make it as easy as possible for the community to interact with the metaverse.

At first, the chatbot will track user activity, answer frequently asked questions, and provide up-to-date information about the latest events and activities related to Meta Force.

“We are confident that the chatbot will significantly simplify navigation through our rapidly growing project for hundreds of thousands of participants. “He will become a personal guide for everyone in the Meta Force universe,” the head of the company commented on the launch, “Our immediate plans include expanding the functionality by connecting additional tools.”

Chatbots have become a part of everyday life and have become an integral part of customer service. Instant chat responses are exactly what users now expect and demand. Meta Force understands this, so they will gain serious competitive advantages.

About Meta Force

The Meta Force Metaverse has been created using modern solutions in the field of cryptography. This allows newbies to feel confident when entering the world of decentralized finance. In the future, dozens of tools and applications will be launched based on the ecosystem. This will take the user experience to a whole new level. In the meantime, the main goal of the project is to make it as easy as possible for millions of users to access staking, farming, marketplace and other promising areas in the DeFi field.

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