From Coffin Ships to Crowdfunding – Ending The Great Hunger Taboo


The Great Hunger Movie – Famine in Times of Plenty

It is a grave injustice that no feature film has ever told the whole story of the greatest humanitarian tragedy of 19th century Europe.  With the help of the worldwide Irish diaspora, we are going to use crowdfunding to break this taboo.  We are going to break through the censorship and make the movie the establishment doesn’t want made” says Tim Pat Coogan, associate producer for the movie and Ireland’s most famous historian.

The Great Hunger Movie is an action drama set in Ireland in the 1840s. Powerful, controversial and extremely moving – The Great Hunger is an epic story of famine, love and revolution that will for the first time break through the censorship to tell the full story of the famine and remember the lost generations of Irish.

With a goal of crowdfunding $2m the team behind the project, including renowned Hollywood script consultant Dr. Linda Seger, writer/producer T.K Hayes and associate producer Kathleen Hayes, are confident that the Irish at home, and the global Irish diaspora, will support the movie. Dr. Linda Seger describes the movie as “A really big movie” and “A very rich and dimensional story”.

Crowdfunding is set to begin on Indiegogo on April 11th ( will be active from April 11th) and will run for 60 days with a range of perks and benefits available to backers of the project.

Due to the persisting censorship on the topic of the Irish Famine the team decided to use this innovative approach to finance the movie. “We believe censorship is the reason why no feature-length movie has ever told the full story of the famine and with The Great Hunger Movie we are going to make the movie the establishment doesn’t want made” says writer/producer T.K. Hayes.

Supporters can find out more about the project by visiting or following them on social media or visiting the campaign page on Indiegogo from April 11th.


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