Clavister Releases the Fastest, Most Scalable, Virtualized Mobile Core and IoT Security Solution for Mobile Network Operators

The wireless carrier market is struggling to manage the explosion of mobile data traffic driven by streaming media and a rapidly increasing amount of IoT devices. According to analysts, data traffic in mobile networks grew by 74% during 2015 and is expected to increase five-fold by 2020*. During the same period the number of IoT devices is expected to grow from around 6 billion to 21 billion**, placing immense pressure on MNO to rapidly scale up their network infrastructures to meet this unprecedented demand.

Until now, providing security for these traffic volumes has been only been possible with proprietary, expensive and inflexible ‘big iron’ hardware appliances, which restrict network flexibility and scalability.

However, with Clavister’s new solution, MNOs can end their reliance on costly, legacy hardware. Clavister’s solution delivers ultra-high performance and resilience, carrier-grade features, and a highly scalable license model, in a fully virtualized software form-factor. This enables wireless carriers to finally deploy security across their large-scale networks when rolling out new telecom cloud-based infrastructures.

The solution includes all features required to deliver a wide range of security applications, including 4G/5G Backhaul Security, Core Security (with Gi/SGi Firewalling), Domain Security as well as Roaming Security.

Christina Josefsson, Product Manager, Telecom Products at Clavister said, “Carrier-Grade NAT (CG-NAT), Anomaly-based DDoS Protection and the other new features added in the latest release enable operators to secure more areas of their network using a fully virtualized solution. This means that they can retire outdated, costly ‘big iron’ security hardware that simply cannot keep up with the explosive growth of data traffic.”

John Vestberg, CTO and Head of Product Management at Clavister added: ”Clavister’s virtualized security solution will help to transform the way that MNOs look at the design of their networks. Using our solution, operators gain a significant competitive edge as they can be more agile, growing their network in a more seamless way with security at every point, while simultaneously enjoying significant cost savings.”

Solution Availability

The new solution is based on version 2.80 of the software Clavister cOS Stream, which is readily available for download from Clavister’s customer web portal as of July 8.…


About Clavister

Clavister is a leading supplier of security for fixed, mobile and virtual network environments. Clavister is offering small and medium enterprises, telecom operators and suppliers of “Cloud” solutions market-leading security solutions for facing today’s security threats. The Clavister Holding AB share is listed on NASDAQ First North under the name of Clav and has approximately 6,253 shareholders. Remium Nordic AB is the company’s Certified Advisor.

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