Cinemo to Demonstrate Next Generation IVI Solutions at CES 2016

The IVI demonstrator at CES will be covering a broad spectrum of media accessibility and control, content sharing between mobile devices and the head unit using Cinemo’s leading Distributed Playback(TM) technologies and automotive cockpit electronics supplier Visteon’s advanced CE client fully integrated in one solution.

During the CES presentations, Cinemo will also show CarPlay and Android Auto on the head unit providing a user with an effortless integration and widest compatibility with today’s most popular mobile devices.

“Visteon have an esteemed reputation in vehicle cockpit electronics and we are delighted to contribute to an advanced Visteon infotainment platform” said Jim Corbett, Co-Founder of Cinemo. “This truly unique demonstrator presents an unrivalled approach towards front and rear seat enjoyment whilst showcasing a compelling usage of Cinemo’s award winning multimedia middleware.”

About Cinemo

Cinemo is a global leader in automotive grade multimedia playback, streaming, media management and connectivity middleware in the embedded world. CPU and Operating System agnostic as well as highly optimized for low power and low footprint devices, Cinemo’s unified middleware solutions decode, play, render, stream, manage and index virtually any file, disc, connected device and streaming format. Designed and optimized for the high quality requirements of the automotive industry, Cinemo’s solutions can be seamlessly integrated into entry, mid and high automotive / in-vehicle infotainment system head and rear seat units, as well as automotive Apps enabling powerful new use cases.

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