The UK joins Japan ( and Australia ( as the first locations outside the U.S. where consumers can purchase chumbys.

A little bigger than a coffee cup, the Wi-Fi connected chumby device provides people with a fun, hassle-free way to enjoy what they want most out of the Internet at a glance and listen to thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. With a large and growing base of content, including the latest news, weather, stock quotes, and entertainment, as well as the ability to share photos, widgets and e-cards with family and friends, chumby is one of the most versatile and lifestyle-friendly Internet enabled devices on the market today.

“Since we launched in the U.S. in February 2008 we’ve received a lot of requests – demands really – that chumbys be available outside the U.S.,” said Stephen Tomlin, founder and CEO of chumby. “Chumbys have been available through our partners in Japan and Australia for several months, and we’re excited to announce that chumbys are now available in the UK.”


There are over 1,200 widgets and tens of thousands of streaming Internet radio stations and podcasts on chumby. Among the featured content:

CBS programming provides chumby with up-to-date CBS news, CBS sports and entertainment buzz from Entertainment Tonight and more, as well as video clips from the Late Show with David Letterman, Big Brother, The Early Show, and other featured CBS content.

The Weather Channel Interactive offers up-to-date custom local weather conditions and forecasts from

AOL provides its SHOUTcast service and allows chumby owners to tune in to over twenty thousand free online radio stations from DJs and broadcasters around the world, including the most popular stations from the UK.

The New York Times offers podcasts and customized widgets for the news in photos, as well as The Times’s coverage of business, sports, culture, fashion, world news, technology, politics and other top stories.

VideoJug offers the largest global library of ‘How To’ videos which guide you, step-by-step, through everything and anything in life – from DIY and sport to beauty, relationship advice, recipes and much more.

Chumby also offers hundreds of user-generated widgets, many with content of specific interest to users in the UK. Among the most popular are news, sports and weather from the BBC, including football scores, local webcams, iconic TV clocks, a Big Ben clock, UK train times and tube status, and the popular Keep Calm and Carry On motivational posters.

“The richness and diversity of information on the Web has become critical to our everyday lives, so it becomes more important than ever to stay connected to our ‘Internet life’ and be able to access a wealth of information simply at a glance,” said Tomlin. “The powerful combination of the free content on chumby and the open and always-on device creates a compelling offering to consumers to easily create, view and share what matters to them most from the Web without the need to boot up and browse on a PC.”


With an LCD touchscreen and embedded squeeze and motion sensors, the chumby delivers a robust audio and entertainment experience to owners, including:

•    Personalized wake-up experience – programmed wake-up to any of the thousands of audio sources, or any other content, on chumby
•    Fun – games, humor, e-greetings, gossip, entertainment content
•    Photo sharing through top photo-sharing sites such as Photobucket, Facebook, and flickr
•    Music and podcasts – over twenty thousand free radio stations and podcasts from Mediafly, New York Times, and CBS
•    Constant updates from top Internet sites
•    Monitoring – eBay auction updates, on-going searches such as Craigslist, and status updates from Twitter and Facebook

Chumby can be plugged into any electrical outlet, so users have the flexibility of placing it on a nightstand, bathroom counter, office cubicle, coffee table, kitchen counter or out on a patio. It automatically finds an available Wi-Fi connection and streams personalized channels, which continuously deliver refreshed content such as music, games, movie previews, customized alarm clocks, special offers and more.

Chumby measures about 13 cm wide, 10 cm tall, and 8 cm deep, comes in a soft Italian leather casing in a variety of colors including black, latte, pearl, cardinal, and amethyst. In addition, chumby owners may express their personality by decorating their devices with the included chumby charms, additional charms for sale on the site, or their own “bling.”

Chumby lets users select their favorite parts of the Internet and delivers them in a friendly, always-on, always-fresh format. Over 1,200 widgets in more than 30 categories, ranging from news and entertainment to videos, music, sports and more are available from high profile media partners such as CBS, New York Times, The Weather Channel Interactive, AOL’s SHOUTcast, and VideoJug. Chumby also offers user generated content as well as thousands of Internet radio stations, the ability to share photos, e-cards and more with family and friends. Chumby is headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA.

Michael Coleman