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Many ChannelAdvisor customers were live on the marketplace when it was in Beta, and their products were available to Jet members after it went live this morning. ChannelAdvisor announced the addition of Jet to its platform in January and has been working with retailers and manufacturers to get their products listed and ready to start selling on the new marketplace once it launched.

Online retailer Limited Goods leveraged the ChannelAdvisor platform to join Jet’s Beta program. The company is eager to make the most of the opportunity the marketplace proposes.

“Jet’s breaking ground with a unique business model that helps us adapt to consumer behaviors and build a loyal customer base,” said Nathan Franco, Limited Goods owner. “The level of interest from early Jet shoppers is compelling. ChannelAdvisor’s early support for Jet helped us launch on the marketplace and start reaping the benefits quickly.”

Jet is a retailer-friendly, membership-based e-commerce marketplace that offers value across a broad array of product categories, such as electronics, home goods, consumables, appliances, sporting goods and much more. Jet’s platform includes a real-time dynamic pricing engine that can help retailers sell effectively and increase profitability.

“Many retailers and manufacturers took advantage of our early integration with Jet, and they’re excited to see the new marketplace come to life,” said David Spitz, ChannelAdvisor CEO. “Our feed-management capabilities allow our customers to manage multiple marketplaces using one platform, so they can execute a comprehensive e-commerce strategy.”

Jet incentivizes consumers to shop in ways that reduce retailer costs. By enabling retailers to manage order-level profitability through preset rules, Jet can adjust order-level savings throughout the shopping experience based on variables such as customer location, cart value, number of items per cart and item return options. At checkout, Jet matches a shopper’s cart to the retailer with the best value based on these preset rules. The result is an order that is a win for both the shopper and the retailer.

“ChannelAdvisor has been instrumental in helping retailers set up shop on Jet,” said Scott Hilton, Jet’s chief revenue officer. “We’ve been working diligently with retailers to ensure a great shopping experience where consumers can visit our site knowing they’re buying the best products from a trusted source.”

ChannelAdvisor supports more than 40 marketplaces worldwide. Once a retailer uploads product data to the ChannelAdvisor platform, ChannelAdvisor can transform that data to meet the requirements and specifications of each marketplace. Additionally, ChannelAdvisor alleviates the tedious process of uploading product variations and automatically updates inventory levels when an order is placed.

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