Capital on Tap Introduces Revolutionary Preloading Feature to Extend SME Spending Power

  • Capital on Tap launches Preloading, a powerful feature allowing customers to top up their Capital on Tap credit balance with their own funds, extending their spending capabilities.
  • Unlimited earning potential – Preloading enables unlimited 1% cashback rewards on all spending, whether it’s from the customer’s credit balance or the cash they’ve preloaded onto their account.
  • Flexibility and control – Customers can instantly access preloaded funds alongside their credit for seamless spending and simplified accounting.

Preloading works by allowing customers to top up their Capital on Tap credit balance with their own funds. These preloaded funds become instantly available for spending alongside their existing credit limit. This means customers are able to maximise their rewards, earning an uncapped 1% cashback on all spend.

Preloading is available to all customers through their account. Existing cardholders can start preloading funds immediately. For new customers, once their credit card application is approved and card issued, they can begin preloading funds and earning unlimited 1% cashback rewards right away.

Importantly, Preloading enables customers to seamlessly make large purchases that would normally exceed regular credit card limits. By preloading funds, customers can pay for big ticket items while still earning unlimited cashback rewards.

“We are thrilled to introduce Preloading and take business credit cards to the next level,” said David Luck, Executive Director of Capital on Tap. “This new functionality gives our customers unparalleled flexibility and control over their spending and rewards. Now they can supercharge their earnings and make the most of our 1% cashback.”

Preloading also allows customers to pay down balances faster by prepaying pending balances immediately, freeing up credit access. All spending shows on one monthly statement for simplified accounting and cash flow management.

“With Preloading, entrepreneurs and small business owners no longer have to worry about hitting credit limits when it comes to earning cashback,” said Luck. “We are removing barriers and giving customers unlimited potential to earn as they build their business on their own terms.”

Preloading is the latest innovation from Capital on Tap as it continues its mission in creating the best business credit card and spend management platform for small and medium sized businesses.

About Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap makes it easy for small businesses to manage their business spending, access funding, and earn cash back, travel, and gift card rewards. Over 200,000 small businesses have spent more than £10 billion on their Capital on Tap Business Credit Cards across the US and UK. They were recently recognised by The Sunday Times and the Financial Times as one of Britain and Europe’s fastest growing businesses, respectively.

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