Cancer Patients and Cancer Facilities alike to Benefit from New Patented Technology

RAD has received patent approvals for their Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) from both the Japanese Patent Office and the European Patent Office.  These new patents protect the specialized means and methods that RAD uses to construct high energy radiation vaults. RAD was issued two similar patents by the United States Patent Office last year.

“As the demand for radiotherapy continues to grow worldwide, RAD is pleased to be able to bring their patented technology to help cancer patients in Europe and Japan” states RAD’s President, John Lefkus.  “Hospitals and cancer clinics constantly need to upgrade equipment in order to take full advantage of the latest developments in cancer therapy and provide the best available form of treatment.  Our TRV provides a treatment machine in a temporary facility which enables organizations to continue treating patients while modernizing their program with no interruption to patient treatments or business.  The temporary facility can arrive onsite and be ready for occupancy in just weeks.”

The RAD modular methodology is driven by three key values;

  • Time: The facility solutions offered by the RAD PRO can be delivered in one third the time of traditional construction methods.  By using offsite construction, we are able to provide an unprecedented approach that is efficient and flexible.  This impacts patient accessibility to the latest care and gives institutions a hedge over competitors looking to enter their market.  RAD can install its TRV cancer facility and perform a radiation survey with its pre-commissioned linac in just 5 days.
  • Technology: The modular technology also provides significant value and flexibility.  In traditional construction, the shielding solution is cast into the concrete structure or concrete blocks.  RAD offers a shielding method that can be modified without the cost and disruption of expensive lead and high density block solutions.  And the ultimate flexibility is moving the entire facility to another location at a fractional cost if demand or market conditions change.
  • Unique Financing: One of the most distinctive values is the financing approach RADs solutions offer.  The modular system transforms the financing opportunities significantly.  A recoverable asset, without destructive demolition, can be treated as equipment or tangible personal property allowing operational leases or service contracts to be structured for large institutions not seeking to deploy capital or wishing to avoid further impairment of their balance sheets with additional debt.

RAD continues to implement this “New Normal” in radiotherapy equipment upgrades on the international stage.  Cancer centers which were previously paralyzed by the lack of an interim solution will now be free to plan their advancements to the next generation of radiotherapy devices as the technology develops, rather than skipping whole generations of advancements as is now too often the case.  As stated by Kenneth Wright, RAD Technology’s Director of TRV Services, “The simple truth is that cancer centers should not be required to stop providing radiotherapy services to the community in order to improve services to the community.”

Institutions in Europe are primarily state sponsored and while closing down for several months may not let the competition in, it deprives citizens of timely and perhaps lifesaving cancer treatment. With the NHS England recent announcement to spend £130m over the next couple years to upgrade accelerators, the availability of TRV can assist many centres with that process. RAD has been successful in the United States with the TRV technology and leasing and now looks to continue that success in Japan and Europe.  

About RAD Technology Medical Systems LLC
RAD Technology Medical Systems provides revolutionary modular radiotherapy vaults and cancer care clinics that can be used as temporary, interim, or permanent facilities.  These turnkey solutions give patients access to new treatment options in a matter of weeks or months instead of years and are factory-fabricated, eliminating the need for lengthy on-site construction projects.  For more information, please visit or contact RAD at